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Fact-checking becomes a more important responsibility with every passing day as more and more TV shows and movies about historical figures and events find their way to our screens. But how much of what you see is true ? Was Ragnar Lothbrok real ? Was Rollo really Ragnar Lothbrok’s brother? How true is Da Vinci’s Demons? Did the Book of Leaves really exist ? Did Leonardo Da Vinci actually set sail to America ? Fact or fiction part of Mythologian.Net is where you will find the answers to all these questions and many more. TV shows like Vikings, Da Vinci’s Demons and the Last Kingdom as well as urban legends and myths are put under the scope here to see how close they are to the truth.

Vikings in 30 Pictures – What is Real and What is Not?

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Since its premiere on the small screen four years ago, History Channel's Vikings became one of the most popular shows and gained a huge following around the world. Critically acclaimed series following  the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok and his Viking [...]

Da Vinci’s Demons, Facts, Myths & Sons of Mithras

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Leonardo Da Vinci – The Facts and Myths What or, rather, who do we all remember when we hear the word “Renaissance”? Undoubtedly Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the names that come to mind firstly.  As one of most [...]