Ankh Necklace and Pendant Collection – Authentic Ankh Chains and Egyptian Jewelry

Stainless Steel Coptic Ankh Necklace, 24″ Link Chain

In the ancient world, symbols carried enormous weight and power. This ankh necklace might be claimed by both the Egyptians of old and the Coptic Church. The former named it simply the ankh and revered it as the symbol of life itself. The Church calls it the Coptic Cross or the Coptic Ankh.

This necklace represents the union of two ancient ways of life and thought, each thousands of years old. It embraces that duality but also uses simplicity in representation to great effect. The smooth, stainless steel surface is pure minimalism while the play of light and reflections add a depth of character.

Egyptian Symbols Engraved Ankh Pendant in Gold and Silver Tones

A close look at the surface of this exquisitely intricate ankh pendant will enrapture any eye. It is hard to believe so much beauty could be held in so small an object.

At the very center lies a stylized diamond that will catch the light to shine like a beacon. Around it, a myriad of symbols and scenes from the mythology of ancient Egypt are spread over the entire front surface. A pharaoh in full regalia looks out at the world from the base of the staff. On either side of the loop is a swallow – in pairs, they represented greatness to the ancient Egyptians.

Sterling Silver Handmade Egyptian Ankh Pendant

Nothing can surpass a handmade jewelry piece for its sheer uniqueness and attention to detail. This sterling silver ankh pendant is a testament to the skill and ability of the master craftsman who first shaped it and then polished it to the high sheen it displays.

The ankh is the ancient Egyptian symbol of life borne by pharaohs in public and during rituals. It is also seen in hieroglyphs, worn or held by the gods of the Egyptian pantheon. Now, you can join that eminent group with this wonderful rendering of that ancient symbol.

Eye Of Horus and Ankh Necklace

Two of the most potent symbols in Egyptian lore come together in a single necklace with this eye-catching design.
The ankh was their symbol of life and there are many theories about how the elements of the design represented that belief. One is that the staff represented the male and the loop, the female, a styling common to cultures across the world.

They Eye of Horus was the most powerful symbol of protection for the Egyptians, making an appearance whenever mortals looked to the heavens for a divine shield. This intriguing ankh necklace is beautifully finished in gun metal.

Silver Pewter Charm, The Key of the Nile Egyptian Ankh Necklace

This is an ankh necklace with a twist…or four.
Ankhs are traditionally designed with a curved loop at the head but here it incorporates a slightly more angular outline. It is crafted here from multiple lines instead of just the single one we see so often.

At the point where the base of the loop meets the staff, you will see a binding in the shape of the letter ‘X’, a feature almost never seen on the ankh.

The final twist is that each of the three segments of the staff is shaped like a ‘djed’, the mythological symbol for the backbone of the god, Osiris, and a representation of stability.

Stainless Steel Ankh Pendant with 30 Inch Chain

If you like nice, clean lines, this is the Ankh pendant for you. Crafted from stainless steel, the entire design has but a single seam – the loop is not quite complete and one ends hangs mysteriously over the horizontal staff.

The loop on the standard ankh touches and encloses the shape.
Why was it left like that? Be prepared for a thousand people to pose you that question. Perhaps you might even encounter someone who notices the design and gives you an answer instead…
Smooth and easy to clean, this pendant also comes with a 30-inch chain.

Gold Plated Egyptian Ankh Cross Necklace

The Egyptian symbol of life has seldom been represented with such beautiful simplicity and such intriguingly smooth lines.
The light catches and bounces entrancingly off its surface, curving and dancing on the subtle bulges that run the length of each of the staff’s three segments. The loop above them does not feature a bulge but is completely smooth and reflects light and shadow in fascinating manner.
Even the bail that sits directly atop the loop features the same unbroken line of design, resulting in a captivatingly simple necklace sure to catch the eye. This ankh necklace comes with a ‘bail within a bail’ design for even more versatility.

The Key of The Nile and Eye of Horus Handmade Brass Egyptian Ankh Necklace

The ancient Egyptians believed strongly in the power of symbols. This ankh necklace features some of the most powerful ones that they used brought together in one place, and their power magnified by being inscribed on the ankh itself.

The ankh was arguably the most revered symbol of Egyptian civilization because it represented Life. The inscription that takes center stage is the Eye of Horus, emblazoned at the junction of the loop above and the staff below. The Eye was a revered protection charm.
Other inscriptions line the circumference of the loop and continue down the length of the staff.

“Carved Out” Gun Metal Franco Style Ankh Pendant

You can find ankh pendants galore but it is the detailing that goes into each that sets one apart from the rest. Intricate carvings are one of the most attractive features of any piece of jewelry and this piece is a prime example of exquisite detailing.

The entire surface of the pendant, both front and back, and even the bail itself have been inscribed with symbols that were revered in ancient Egypt for the power and protection they were thought to imbue to the bearer.
The piece comes with a Franco chain that pairs perfectly with the pendant.

925 Sterling Silver Plain Ankh Cross Pendant

The ankh cross is a union of two very different ways of life and thought. Also known as the Coptic ankh or Coptic cross, it is a widely used Christian symbol in the Middle East and Africa. However, the ankh symbol predates Christianity by thousands of years – it was the ancient Egyptian symbol of Life.

You will notice a subtle (but very distinct once you see it) difference between the traditional ankh and this one. The loop of the Ankh cross does not sit directly on the horizontal staff below but is separated by a small neck.
A unique piece sure to draw attention and questions.

Stainless Steel, Gold Plated Egyptian Ankh Cross Pendant

The ancient Egyptians would have loved this pendant. It combines two things that they held dear – the ankh, symbol of life, and gold, which they treasured highly.
The IP gold plating on stainless steel gives this ankh pendant a luster and flawless finish fit for a king. The ankh design is not flat but features a raised, smooth ridge that runs along the center of both the horizontal and vertical bars.

The ankh incorporates a bail at its top but this pendant attaches another larger, beautifully-designed bail to it so the pendant can lie flat on your chest to be seen as it should be.

Egyptian Power of Life Spiritual Ankh Amulet

The ankh is a powerful spiritual symbol that was used by the ancient Egyptians. It is associated with the power of life and appears in the images of their gods, who are depicted holding it in their hands or wearing it as an ornament. Pharaohs bore the ankh in all official ceremonies and it is found on their resting places inside the pyramids.
This ankh amulet has the mysterious symbol in metallic paint against a background of black agate for a truly striking effect.

Eternity Egyptian Ankh Necklace

The ancient Egyptian symbol of Life, the ankh combines here with silver, a metal they once considered even more precious than gold.
In Egyptian lore, the skin of the gods was made of gold but their bones were of silver. The white metal is the perfect medium for the ankh.
This .925 sterling silver ankh necklace is the epitome of simplicity with substance. It features an especially large loop, almost equaling the length of the staff below it.

10k Yellow Gold Egyptian Ankh Pendant

Ancient Egyptian folklore and mythology tell tales of gods whose flesh was made of gold. The chief gods and goddesses were depicted carrying the ankh, the symbol of life itself.

This superbly crafted ankh cross gold pendant is a masterpiece of intricate styling. The inner and outer edges are lined with minute detailing. Its entire surface is designed with a pattern to catch the light and throw it back in a beautiful play of color that is sure to catch the eye.

Old Silver Ankh Pendant

The ancient Egyptians called the ankh the Key of Life. Today, many believe that wearing the ankh symbol can act as a potent enhancement of your life force.
This ankh pendant is unlike almost all the others that you will come across. It is neither bling-y nor bright. There are no intricate patterns carved into it.
It is just the ankh, pure and powerful in its true form. The color of old silver imbues with a sense of timelessness.
If you seek to make a statement in a subtle, dignified manner, this is the ankh pendant for you.

Pewter Ankh Pendant with Black Onyx Swarovski Crystal

A jet black onyx lies at the heart of this pewter ankh pendant, at the crossroads where the loop and the staff meet. Every bit of the surface beyond the stone is inscribed with a mysterious looping pattern perhaps more commonly associated with the Celts.
Each piece is hand cast and hand finished for an antique brushed satin look. There is a wonderful contrast between the metal and the leather necklace with which this pendant comes.

Gold-tone Ankh Egyptian Cross of Life Pendant 

The definition of exquisite reaches new heights with this absolutely gorgeous rendering of ancient Egyptian symbols on the ankh, their representation of the mythological Key of Life.

Two swallows looking outwards are depicted on the loop, the interpretation of which means greatness. On the outstretched arms, a sphinx takes pride of place on one side while a pyramid is depicted on the other. A pharaoh in full ceremonial headgear appears at the base.
At the very center is an imitation diamond. A rope chain necklace completes the look of grand opulence.

Ancient Symbol of Life, Egyptian Cross Ankh Necklace 

Over 5,000 years old, the ankh symbol has over time been used by several civilizations. It originated as the Key to Life in ancient Egypt where it was commonly seen on and around the pharaoh and depictions of their gods.
In this ankh necklace, the ankh is shaped in a less familiar design than we commonly see. The arms are especially triangular, perhaps hinting at a pyramid seen from its side.
Within each triangle is a pattern of nocks chiseled into the resin and the loop sits snugly atop their nexus.

Stainless Steel Coptic Ankh Cross Necklace

Deep, dark, quiet black metal resonates with power. This black stainless steel ankh necklace epitomizes that raw energy.
Known as the Coptic ankh cross in the Middle East and Africa today, the symbol can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians where it held fascination and commanded reverence as the symbol of the Power of Life.
This minimalist rendering is subtle and featureless but for the single ridge that runs the length of each staff.

Silver Hieroglyphic Ankh of Life Necklace

This is a truly unique ankh necklace; while it retains the classic ankh shape of an ovoid above a cross, the oval is not empty but filled with hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt.
The surface of the loop and the three segments of the cross are also filled with these symbols. Among them, you will find the ankh itself as well as swallows which alluded to greatness for the Egyptians. Taking center stage in the middle of the loop is a scarab, a motif that is repeated on the vertical part of the cross.

Silver Scarab and Ankh Necklace

This ankh necklace originates from Egypt, the birthplace of the ankh itself. It is remarkable for two things in particular – the large ‘head’, which is the loop above the cross, and the scarab that dominates the space within the loop.
Scarabs were the symbol of rejuvenation, rebirth and reincarnation. The ancient Egyptians populace commonly wore scarab symbols in light of that association.
This handmade piece is a wonderful representation of those beliefs.

925 Sterling Silver Hieroglyph Ankh Cross Charm

There might be many ankh pendant and charm designs but you would be hard pressed to find any like this one.
The ankh still takes pride of pace in the center but there are amazing things happening all around it. Firstly, a partial halo seems to sit behind the ankh. A knotted pattern is carved into the bottom half of the vertical section of the cross. Its ends branch out on either side like flames while another flame sits atop the loop of the ankh.

Stainless Steel Simplistic Egyptian Ankh Necklace

There are few things as beautiful as simplicity in design and this ankh necklace is a testament to that truth.
But do not mistake simplicity for a simplistic approach – this piece has been constructed with great care by excellent craftsmen. The stainless steel is the perfect canvas onto which a black outline of the ankh is colored.
Together, the design alludes to restrained power and inner beauty beyond compare.