Celtic Rings and Authentic Celtic Jewelry – Celtic Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

With their sophisticated culture and spirituality, Celtic people have always been an important part of the ancient history. They used symbolism beautifully while creating intricate artworks. Today, those ancient Celtic works continue to inspire a lot of modern jewelers. Here is our handpicked set of Celtic rings and wedding bands as the first part of our Celtic jewelry collection.

Irish Claddagh Celtic Ring for Men and Women

If you have Celtic or Irish roots, you probably know about the legend of the Claddagh ring, a great story of love. This beautiful ring, also known as “the promise ring”, is a symbol of love and loyalty. It features a classic Claddagh symbol,  two hands holding a crowned heart tied with a Celtic knot etched on the tungsten carbide material. Celtic know also known as “the endless knot” is itself a symbol of eternity. Combined, all these elements make up a beautiful Celtic wedding band or a Celtic engagement ring symbolizing “eternal love and loyalty for each other”

Celtic Wedding Ring With Dragons and Celtic Knots

Known for the intricacy of the artwork on them, a good number of Celtic rings feature Celtic knots and dragons as the mythical creatures were of special importance in Celtic culture. The Celts believed dragons to be wise and mighty creatures.

This Celtic knot ring made of 8mm tungsten carbide resistant to scratches, features a dragon pattern repeating all around the band, in a way that resembles, ouroboros, the symbol of infinity (also known as the snake eating its own tail). Symbolizing the repeating cycle of existence, power and wisdom, it certainly is a beautiful example of Celtic jewelry.

Braided Borre Knot Celtic Ring

As seen with many other Celtic rings, this beautiful band features lines of Celtic knots interwoven in symmetry. The detailed work on the piece includes the black grooves made on the circle to give the ring more of a three-dimensional look in contrast with bright 925 Sterling silver. An ideal choice if you are looking for Celtic rings for women or men.

Green Moldavite Celtic Ring

Formed as a result of asteroids crashing into Earth, Moldavite is truly a unique kind of rock that fits the design of this ring perfectly. Featuring two triple Celtic knots (triquetras) on the face holding a Moldavite stone in between, this beautiful Celtic ring made of 925 Sterling silver carries a piece of “heavens above” on it while at the same time representing the Holy trinity in Celtic culture (as the triquetra is known as the symbol of the Holy trinity).

Sterling Silver Woven Celtic Knot Ring

One of the most prominent themes of Celtic culture and faith was the eternal nature of universe and life, with no end. Celtic knots drawn with no end and no beginning represent this theme in many artworks we inherited from the ancient Celts.

The endless Celtic knot also finds its way into modern Celtic jewelry pieces like this simple yet elegant design.

Made of hypoallergenic, nickel-free 925 Sterling silver material, this Celtic band could be used both as a regular ring or a Celtic engagement ring/Celtic wedding band.

Gold Plated, Rose Color Celtic Wedding Band

In ancient Celtic culture, dragons were known as magnificent creatures of might and wisdom as well as guardians of knowledge. Revered by the Celts, these mythical creatures were commonly seen in Celtic artworks.

The Celtic dragon design covered in 18K rose gold is inlaid beautifully on this Celtic ring made of scratch-resistant tungsten carbide material. A very elegant choice if you are looking for a Celtic wedding band.

Sterling Silver Triquetra and Heart Ring

Representing the divine trinity in Celtic culture, which had many different meanings the first of which was the three phases of the Holy Mother, the Moon Goddess, Celtic trinity knot, namely triquetra is another common symbol seen in Celtic jewelry designs.

On this elegant piece of Celtic jewelry,  two triquetras hold a heart (that is also made of knots) in between on the face of the ring. Also made of nickel-free Sterling silver, this would be a great choice for anyone looking for Celtic rings for women/Celtic rings for men.

King Will Gold Celtic Wedding Band

As another part of King Will’s Celtic wedding band collection, this tungsten carbide ring features a gold-plated dragon pattern inlaid on jet black background color to create a beautiful contrast and give the piece a more vivid look. Another great choice if you are looking for Celtic engagement rings/Celtic wedding bands.

King Will Duo Black Matte Finish Celtic Wedding Band

If you are looking for a more simplistic Celtic ring design. Then, perhaps, this piece is just what you want. Featuring two black tungsten carbide bands with a 18K rose gold ridge in the middle, this ring is definitely a very skillful example of “less is more”. The edges of the ring are beveled to give a comfortable feeling to the wearer. A perfect choice if you are looking for a Celtic wedding band.


Nickel-free Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Ring

As one of the most prominent Celtic symbols, the Celtic cross, which was later adapted to Christian faith, is another symbol commonly used in Celtic jewelry.

This Celtic ring also features a Celtic cross on the face (with triquetras on all arms) held by two trinity knots. The ring made of 925 oxidized, nickel-free Sterling silver is an ideal choice for those looking for Celtic rings for men/women.

King Will Classic Black Double Groove Celtic Ring

If you are looking for a simplistic yet elegant design, this Celtic ring is made just for you. Featuring two deep grooves on the black tungsten carbide band, this minimalist design represents quite confidence and elegance. With its scratch-resistant composition, it is a perfect choice if you are looking for Celtic rings for men.

Tungsten Carbide Blue Celtic Dragon Ring

Featuring a silver color Celtic dragon design on its tungsten carbine band, this blue Celtic ring is probably one of the best choices if you are looking for Celtic wedding rings for men. Using the contrast created between silver and blue colors, the ring is given an outstanding yet classy look.


Stainless Steel Irish Claddagh Ring – Celtic Ring by Elya

Known as one of the most prominent Irish symbols, the Claddagh ring is a symbol that has become widely known throughout the world, especially by people interested in jewelry. Representing eternal love and loyalty, Claddagh rings feature two hands holding a heart in the middle.

This intricate piece of Celtic jewelry is another beautiful example of Claddagh rings. With faux diamonds in its crown and made of stainless steel, it is one of the best choices around if you are looking for Celtic engagement rings for women or men.

Elegant Triquetra Princess Cut Celtic Engagement Ring

Made of polished Sterling silver and carrying a princess cut CZ diamond in its crown, this elegant Celtic ring is another beautiful piece of Celtic jewelry you can consider as a wedding band.

It features Celtic knots around the band and two triquetras holding the CZ diamond on the face Beauty personified, this ring makes a great Celtic engagement rings for women.

CZ Celtic Cross and Eternal Trinity Knot Ring

With two trinity knots emblazoned on both shoulders holding a cubic zirconia gemstone in the middle, this Celtic ring is another beautiful example of intricate jewelry work. Made of quality 925 Sterling silver material, this is an ideal choice when it comes to Celtic rings for men.

Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone and Celtic Knot Ring

If you are looking for a more minimalistic Celtic ring design, then this should be your choice.

That being said, the meaning behind the ring is deeper than one would think.  Featuring a moonstone in its crown held by two Celtic trinity knots, this design is an homage to Roman and Celtic cultures.

Romans believed the moonstone to be the rays of moon solidified on Earth.  Made of nickel-free 925 Sterling silver, this band is a perfect choice if you are looking for Celtic rings for women.

 925 Sterling Silver Natural Amethyst Celtic Knot Ring

Featuring a natural amethyst stone in the center held by two Celtic trinity knots made of brilliant 925 Sterling silver, this ring definitely is one of the most elegant Celtic rings around. Simplicity in harmony with beautiful lavender color of the centerpiece stone makes it a perfect choice if you are looking for Celtic ring for women.

Tree of Life Sterling Silver Celtic Ring

The ancient Celtic people revered nature more than anything and trees played an important role in their beliefs. As one of the most important Celtic symbols, the Tree of Life found its way to many ancient Celtic designs. Today, this beautiful symbol is still used in modern Celtic jewelry pieces.

This Celtic ring features the Tree of Life as the centerpiece with two trinity knots holding it on the shoulders. The centerpiece also includes the sun and moon, two other important symbols in Celtic culture. Made of nickel-free Sterling silver, the ring will be comfortable to wear.

Mystic Fire Topaz Sterling Silver Triquetra Celtic Ring

With Celtic trinity knots on the shoulders carrying an oval topaz stone as the centerpiece, this Celtic ring also made of 925 Sterling silver is another great choice if you want to go for something elegant.

King Will Cubic Zircon Stones Celtic Ring

As another piece from King Will’s collection of Celtic rings, this band is a great choice id you’d like something simple but elegant. Three groves, two of which are small and on the edges, are made on the band. The larger groove in the center is filled with cubic zirconia gems and gives the ring an outstanding look with the gems reflecting the light from within black tungsten carbide.

King Will Hammered Celtic Wedding Band With Polished Finish

Some Celtic rings have very intricate designs while some are quite simplistic and it would not be wrong if we said this piece is right in the middle.

Being the second hardest material on Earth after diamond, tungsten has superior scratch resistance  qualities. Made of tungsten carbide, this Celtic ring was shaped by being hammered to create symmetrical shapes on every part including the edges. This minimalistic design would be a great wedding band if you are looking for Celtic wedding bands for men.