Discover the Idea of Primal Astrology

Whether we love to admit it or not, we are intrigued by astrology. We love to read what our birth sign means, and always get excited when they have good news. This is why we also read fortune cookies, because we kind of believe in the positive message the cookie gives us.

Socrates, who was a great philosopher said, “you should know thyself.” This meant that for you to gain knowledge and wisdom, you must realize that everything is filtered by your own perception. Simply said, understand yourself so you can understand your purpose, but how can that be done?

This is a hard question to answer. When you visit, they tell you that seeking out knowledge is the first step and this shows that you have a desire to find out more about yourself. They also say that you should be ready to individually express yourself on this planet.

Discover the Idea of Primal Astrology
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What is Primal Astrology?

Almost everyone knows their zodiac sign, but few have gone deep into astrology, other than the occasional reading of their horoscopes. Astrology is actually much deeper than fortune-telling. It is both science and art, and has been in the making for thousands of years.

Now, beyond your zodiac sign, there are many other signs which are integral to the discovery of yourself, and your purpose. Actually, your sun sign alone barely comes close to understanding what astrology is all about.

In an attempt to help you understand all of the aspects of astrology, we came across Primal Astrology. In this system you are able to discover much more about your path in life than with all the others. It features animal spirits, Karmic balancing, past lives and sub consciousness in profiling you.

It also forecasts your future. All you shall need is your birth chart, and if you do not have one, it is already available for you on the site. Once you do that, the chart shall help you find your animal spirit, which you shall use to direct you to your purpose.

Who Invented This Astrological System?

Primal Astrology was made famous by Simon Poindexter who had been studying astrology since he was 13 years old. Simon was intrigued by how people naturally have specific tendencies and he then started relating these tendencies through astrology and the zodiac signs.

Unfortunately, there was a problem, while the sun signs were accurate, there were still some tendencies inherent to each human that were unrepresented. He started to ask himself if astrology was accurate enough for this identifying purpose.

Eleven years later when he was in college, he took a particular interest in Astrology and he became a popular tarot reader. This was just his part time job and soon he realized that there was more to this ancient art than he ever realized.

In the years after his graduation, he did try other career paths, but none of them drew his interests as much as astrology had. He then went to a Chinese restaurant and an idea struck him. The Chinese had their own astrology system which most Americans did not appreciate.

How Did It All Come Together?

He analyzed everything from the tarot and western astrology, and added in the Chinese Zodiac. At this point, several interesting ideas became extremely clear to him. The first one was that you do not really have to choose between the two systems.

The Western Zodiac was based on the solar calendar, while the Eastern Zodiac was based on the lunar cycle. There is no contradiction in these two. Intrigued by this, he dove deeper into the research. Suddenly, he understood why standard astrology was a letdown to many.

Further research revealed that the combination of the Eastern Moon and the Western Sun were significant. It was at this moment that he formed the idea of Primal Astrology. This was a combination of the Western and the Eastern Astrology. Each primal Zodiac Sign was a representation of an animal spirit. 

Remember that humans are animals too.

After years of research, he decided to share his findings with people, and thus built the Primal Astrology website. A deeper and more spiritual understanding of this astrology will help you understand exactly who you are and why your existence matters.

Discover the Idea of Primal Astrology
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If you want to know your Primal astrology sign, check out their website and find out where you belong. Have fun as you dig deeper into understanding yourself.