Movies Online – Best Apps to Download for Free


Its official! Nobody is using flash disks, CDs, or any similar devices to watch movies anymore. The age of streaming is here to stay, and we have embraced it with great gusto. Not only is it convenient to stream whatever you wish to watch, but it is also much cheaper, especially if you already have an Internet connection.

Additionally, there are plenty of streaming services now such as Netflix, Hulu, and many others. These services make it absolutely easy for you to watch movies at your own convenience.


These streaming sites, however, require a subscription. If you are not willing to pay for their services, we have compiled a very nice list of apps you can download and get your daily fix of the best movies and TV series. Check them out below!

Movies Online - Best Apps to Download for Free
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Tubi TV

This app has a whole list of movies that are assorted to cover every category you could ever think of. They have horror movies, romance movies, comedies, thrillers, etc. All you have to do is choose what you want to watch and then select from their list.


Their movies are high-quality in terms of clarity. In addition, the service plays very smoothly, with minimal buffering.

All of their movies also have subtitles, which means that you will never miss a thing while watching foreign movies. The app will need to be downloaded on your device and then you will need to create a log in. There is an option for adding movies to your cue, which are usually accessible easily.

The app works on Androids, iOS devices, PlayStation 4s, Amazon Kindles, etc.


This is a famous movie site that offers a very good collection of some of the best movies ever made. The app offers you the movies for free, and you can sort them out by category, depending on your preferences. They have plenty of new arrivals to choose from, and these usually show up right at the top of the screen.

The site also has some exclusive content that is called Popcornflix Originals. These are high-quality movies that stream very easily and smoothly. The player can be a little overwhelming if you are not familiar with it, as it is extensively feature-rich and filled with content.

This app can be downloaded on any device such as Android, iOS etc. There are also plenty of TV series for you to choose from as well.


This is one of the most convenient sources of free movies online right now. The app is free of charge and comes with a small twist – the free movies are not directly on the app. Instead of hosting the movies directly, Yidio will point you to the right places to find the free movies so you can download and watch them for free.

They have one of the biggest catalogs of movies and they usually generate most of their content from other movie apps. The only problem you will find on their site is that they have plenty of paid movie and subscription sources listed for you to find the movies you are looking for.

They, however, make it easy for you to manage the movies effectively. This means that you can find whatever you are looking for on their platform.


This platform was created is by Sony Pictures. Of course, Sony is a big name in the film industry, so you already know that it has good things to offer. You get to watch free movies on their platform, and it really does live up to its reputation.

Sony Crackle as its known is very easy and smooth to use. The free movies, however, have plenty of ads, which means that you have to deal with constant popups. That being said, nowadays, it’s very hard to find a free movie streaming site without any ads.

Movies Online - Best Apps to Download for Free
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When it comes to watching movies, it doesn’t hurt to find a site that will not only offer you what you are looking for, but one that will do it in style even though it’s free. With the above sites, you can find what you are looking for and enjoy some fun times at home as you binge watch your favorite movies or TV series.