Viking Rings – Authentic Norse and Viking Jewelry for Men and Women

As the first part of our much larger authentic Viking jewelry collection, here comes the handpicked selection of Viking rings brought to you by the world’s number one retailer Amazon.

King Will Celtic Dragon Tungsten Carbide Ring

Dragons were important in Celtic and Norse cultures. They were both considered a source of wisdom and the guardians of the nature. The serpent that devours its own tail, also known as ouroboros, was of special importance to the Celts as it represented eternity and never-ending love.

Brought to you by King Will Jewelry this Unisex Celtic Dragon Tungsten Carbide Ring is just the perfect ring to express the eternal bond between you and your wife/husband.

Ornamented with gold Celtic dragon pattern inlay, this unisex wedding band with satin finish has 8mm width and excellent resistance against scratches.

If you would like the same model in a different color or make, here are some other choices for King Will’s Celtic dragon ring product line.

King Will Silver Celtic Dragon Tungsten Carbide Ring

King Will’s silver Celtic dragon ring is just as elegant as the one with the gold inlay. Elegant unisex wedding band ring with 8mm width and satin finish, perfect choice for both men and women.

King Will Rose Gold Plated Celtic Dragon Ring

Another amazing variation of the same make. 18K rose gold Celtic Dragon ring with black carbon fiber background inlay. Cobalt free product with satin finish and high resistance against scratches.

King Will Blue Carbon Fiber Black Celtic Dragon Tungsten Carbide Ring

Another authentic option in King Will’s Celtic dragon product line. Blue background with black dragon inlay pattern. Sturdy ring with 8mm width and satin finish just like the others.

Runeband Nordic “Poetry is in Battle” Runes Ring

Designed by Alchemy Gothic, this authentic Nordic ring made of fine English power has engraved runes on it saying “poetry is in battle”. The perfect Viking ring to honor the ancestors in Valhalla!

Valknut, The Warrior’s Knot, Knot of the Fallen Ring

Featuring valknut, the sacred symbol of Odin the Allfather in Norse religion which is also called “the warrior’s knot”, this fine piece of Viking jewelry is made of stainless steel. That is how you know it will never tarnish or lose its color.

The valknut symbol would be carved on the chests of wounded Viking warriors so that their souls would be carried to Valhalla by the Valkyries. A great way to represent the Nordic pride for sure.

Elfasio Valknut Viking Ring

Here comes another fine piece of jewelry featuring valknut. Elfasio Valknut Viking Ring is also made of stainless steel and hypo-allergenic. Stands the test of time with no oxidization.

Godyce Viking Pirate Ring

Featuring, Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, this Viking pirate ring by Godyce is another cool choice as far as Nordic rings go. Made of titanium steel, it will not have any problems like oxidization or losing color<

Braided Wedding Band Borre Knot Viking Ring

Made of nickel-free Sterling silver (.925) with 10 mm width and 1.2 mm thickness, this beautiful Celtic ring is just another quality choice for a wedding ban. This authentic piece of jewelry features braided Borre knot which is a Celtic knot style named after Borre, Norway.

Mammen Sterling Silver Viking Ring

As another authentic piece of Norse jewelry, Mammen Sterling silver Viking Ring features Mammen knot which is named after a chamber grave that was found in Jutland, Denmark. Another good choice for a wedding band.

Asgard Pagan Viking Ring

Made of lead-free pewter in Scotland, this amazing Viking ring features genuine Viking runes on it. It has a width of 9 mm and easily adjustable.