Discover These Norse Mythology Monsters

In the world of fantasy, you can expect to encounter amazing mythical creatures that include giants, elves, dwarfs, and other extraordinary characters that you would usually see in a movie or storybook. 

In the world of mythology, Norse mythology is considered unique, especially when it comes to its gods and spiritual beings that are a part of it. 

The Norse Mythology Monsters have a human-like personality, but they differ. Read on to discover these Norse Mythology Monsters, who they are, and what they represent.  

Discover These Norse Mythology Monsters
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Dökkálfar (Dark Elves) and Ljósálfar (Light Elves)

In Norse mythology, there are two types of elves: dark elves and light elves. As the name implies, dark elves tend to have a darker complexion and they inhabit the Earth while the light elves have a fairer complexion and they live in Álfheimr or in the Land Of The Elves. 

The elves make sure not to get involved with the affairs of humans, but their presence is felt occasionally that causes or cures illnesses of humans. They are described to have a morally ambivalent character wherein they have difficulty choosing between two opposing elements. 


They are described as an undead creature that lives in graves. They usually guard treasures that are buried with the dead. The Draugr has superhuman strength and a stench of a decaying body. 

Their skills include increasing their size, mimicking the shape of other creatures, and they can swim through solid rock that allows them to escape from their tombs. 

The reason why they escape their tomb is to crush those who plan to steal their treasures and to go after those who have wronged them in their lives.


The word “Jörmungandr” means a huge monster. In Norse Mythology, it is known as a Midgard Serpent that has the role of keeping everything on Earth in place. He was tossed in the ocean by Odin and since it grew so large, it was able to surround the Earth and grasp its own tail. 

Jörmungandr has an encounter with Thor which is his arch-enemy. To fight with Thor, Jörmungandr comes out of the ocean to release poison in the sky. Thor will be able to kill him, but since the serpent was able to release poison into the sky successfully, this will then be the cause of Thor’s death.


Fenrir is one of Loki’s children and is described as a monstrous wolf. He is known as the most vicious and fiercest of all the creatures. 

Due to his power, he was raised by the Aesir gods to keep him under their control to ensure that he will not cause destruction throughout the Nine Worlds. However, he still caused troubles that affected the gods and that’s why they decided to lock him up. 

With this, Fenrir will swallow the sun and fight against chief god Odin and devour him as well. To avenge his father’s death, Odin’s son Vidar will stab Fenrir.


Discover These Norse Mythology Monsters
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This Norse Mythology Monster is a water spirit that loves to play enchanting music with his violin. He is described as a beautiful, naked male which is a counterpart of a Norse Nix. Fossegrim has good and bad sides. 

He usually teaches humans to play the violin beautifully only if they sacrifice a goat. Sometimes, the piece that Fossegrim would play can lure women and children to go to the lake or streams where they would drown. 

There are also stories that exist that Fossegrim would fall in love with a human and decided to live with her, but eventually, he will still return to his home which is a nearby brook or waterfall.


Norse Mythology has a huge array of creatures that are fearsome. The different characters that they portray boost curiosity and still manages to amaze people of all ages. 

Nowadays, the different stories of Norse Mythology are given new and exciting interpretations that make this mythology a new character.