Earth Signs Zodiac: Discover The 3 Earth Signs

In Astrology, the 12 zodiac signs divide to make four elements of fire, earth, water and air. These elements make up an essential component of human life and must co-exist. One cannot exist independently of the other three elements which give meaning to human life.

They say that earth signs are the most grounded people on the planet. If you are a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, then you are an earth sign and are said to keep it real regardless. Earth signs are said to be pragmatic, stable and unwavering in their decisions. These can be both positive and negative traits depending on the circumstances.

One sure thing with earth signs is they make good friends because they are reliable. However, you don’t want to see them annoyed. Keep reading.

Earth Signs Zodiac: Discover The 3 Earth Signs
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These are the artists of the zodiac. They capitalize on their innate sensuality and sense of beauty to manifest their dreams and motivate others to do the same. However, just like anybody else, they have both good and bad days. On a good day, a Taurus is reliable, persistent, hardworking and stable. On a bad day, Tauruses are lazy, indulgent, jealous, possessive and controlling—talk of having the best of both worlds. 

On a general note, Tauruses are among the most loyal zodiacs because they never waiver in their affections or heart though they like to flirt a little for extra attention. They love luxury and comfort, and hence you will find them living in beautiful homes and will probably drive the best cars. 

Note that they are also strong-willed and cannot be pushed around. If you need a task done really well, then ask a Taurus.


Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos belong to the earth element and are generally stoic, practical, stable, practical, sensible and reliable. They are also known to take a systematic approach to life and value justice and truth. When faced with a situation that needs judgment or making a decision, a Virgo will use his/her finely tuned mind to analyze the situation and come with his reasonable decision. 

A Virgo can also get obsessive with tiny details that other people will consider negligible. They take an interest in the minute of details because they are still themselves-knowledgeable. Virgos also possess a chameleon-like mentality that makes them flexible and open to change. However, this is a negative trait since it makes them unreliable. They can change color anytime.

By default, Virgos are not their own BFFs but are always looking out for others. They will offer you a shoulder to lean on, love to prove their worth and love to feel valued. Much as they may not say it, Virgos expect recognition, gratitude and maybe a little reward. 

Don’t expect a Virgo to say it in your face, rater he will let you know the tasks or favors he has completed hoping you can acknowledge it. If they don’t get the gratitude they expect, then the internal judge is unleashed yapping about other people’s lack of manners, morals and appreciation. To avoid this ‘judge’ to come out, the next time a Virgo does you a favor, please say THANK YOU.

Earth Signs Zodiac: Discover The 3 Earth Signs
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These are born between December 22nd and January 20th. Surprisingly, Capricorns are romantically compatible with their fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo.  To get a clear picture of a Capricorn, look at the famous Caps you know like Liam Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper, Dolly Parton, and Michelle Obama, and you know what we are talking about. 

Capricorns are very ambitious people and will do anything possible to achieve their goals.  This ambitious nature makes them obsessed with success and status. Capricorns also never give up. 

They may not be the most intelligent, fastest or most talented. However, they are the most hardworking and don’t give up until the work is done. These people are known to focus on the impossible and negative most of the time, which makes them pessimistic. 

Embarrass or make fun of a Capricorn and they will hunt you down. Capricorns are sensitive people and have zero tolerance for mockery or undermining behaviour.

Bottom Line

Earth Signs are known to be stoic, self-reliant and ambitious people. They are hardworking and seem to love success and status, which they can achieve through their hard work. Generally, earth signs are good people to have in your corner but not at the party because they not always fun.