Free Up Space on Mobile – Best Free Apps to Download

Have you ever experienced a time when your phone was extremely slow when trying to start or play your favorite game? 

This often happens once the memory gets cluttered with all kinds of temporary files, junk files, and other files that simply slow down your phone. 

We decided to help you optimize your phone with this list of the best free apps you can download to free up space on your mobile device!

Avast Cleanup & Boost

Avast is a company we all know and trust, especially since they have very popular antivirus software. Although they are a leading company when it comes to PC and MAC software, they also provide Android users with a great app – the Avast Cleanup and Boost. This is one app that anyone could easily recommend. 

Avast is extremely effective when it comes to cleaning the junk on your phone and leaving you with lots of free space. Avast stands out from the crowd because they use antivirus deep-scan technology to intelligently scan your phone’s storage. It then helps optimize your phone by getting rid of unnecessary data and files. 

This deep analysis will also provide plenty of useful tips on how to cut down the generation of junk files and keep your phone clean for longer. 

In simple words, Avast Cleanup not only cleans up your phone, but it also helps you keep it free of junk. It also alerts you when it is time for another scan, and it does all the work to free up space on your Android mobile device. 

Considering that all of these great features are offered for free, it is impossible not to give this app a try!

CCleaner for Android

Our runner-up is undoubtedly CCleaner. This app is another trusted brand, especially if you’ve ever tried their software for your personal computer. This app is quite multifunctional when it comes to mobile phones, and it deserves lots of attention.

It can delete old unwanted files, help you clear the cache, and remove old WhatsApp files. App data, downloads, and browser history are also swiftly cleared in order to give your phone more free space. 

This is extremely important because, whenever you get an update, there are some residual files that are unnecessary and will clutter up your mobile memory. CCleaner comes in and deletes them for you. 

Basically, it knows exactly what can be deleted and what cannot be deleted, so it is a quick, easy, and smooth process that improves your mobile phone’s memory. 

Whenever you watch a video on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or simply browse the web, files will be temporarily saved on your device. Thus, the best way to free up space on your mobile device is to clear the cache for these apps. 

Clean Master

Our last app that allows you to take control of your phone’s storage space is Clean Master. This is another trustworthy app. In fact, both the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 have system maintenance programs that use this app, so rest assured that it is safe to use

It works in a similar fashion to CCleaner, but some might consider it to be more powerful. This is because it not only cleans up your phone, but it also optimizes your device in order to achieve the best performance possible. For instance, it can find duplicate apps, files, videos, and photos and gives you the chance to delete them. 

Another great feature of Clean Master is that it has a built-in antivirus, malware detector, and even a battery manager. Clean Master will delete all the unnecessary junk files, as well as clear your cache, the download history, and even the call logs. 

If you have any battery intensive apps, Clean Master will detect them in a heartbeat and close them. This is a fully-featured app that is great for cluttered phones that are quite slow. 


All in all, you can use these apps to manage your phone and restore it to its original performance. You should also do so manually by deleting old messages, uninstalling apps that you do not use, and clearing anything that is of no use to you anymore.