Occult Symbols and Their Meanings

It goes without saying that, in today’s world, occult practices are very rarely used by a very small number of people. Occult symbols, however, is another issue. Although they mostly go unrecognized, be sure that you see occult symbols quite frequently in your daily lives.

With their meanings depending on the culture, occult symbols are used in many different countries throughout the world. If you would like to know more about them, here are the most common occult symbols and their meanings.


Probably one of the most-recognized occult symbols is the pentagram or pentacle, as well as the inverted pentagram. This is a shape that is drawn in a single, continuous line, and it has no beginning or end.

The five points make this a sacred symbol, as five is a mystical number. Both the pentacle and the pentagram are used in witchcraft, while the inverted pentagram is known as a Satanic symbol.


One of the oldest and most universal occult symbols is the hexagram, which is also known as the Star of David. This is an important symbol in Judaism representing the union of male and female, as well as fire and water.

Hexagram is probably one of the oldest symbols, if not the oldest one, used to represent the creation of mankind.

All-Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye, or the Eye of Providence, can be traced back to ancient Egypt. It is seen as being the eye of God, and it is believed to watch over mankind’s creation.

The All-Seeing Eye symbol is often used in divination and sometimes in magic. While it is commonly recognized as a Masonic symbol it is also associated with the Illuminati.


The Yin-Yang is a powerful symbol that represents the two major forces in the world complementing one another which cannot exist without their counterpart. These forces are considered to be light and dark, male and female, earth and heavens, water and fire, and sun and moon.

The symbol also represents the perfect balance we were born with, then lost and will spend our lives to regain.


Baphomet, also known as the Goat of Mendes, is a symbol comprised of a man’s torso and head (with horns) and a goat’s legs.

This symbol was first seen as a gargoyle on a building, and is often used by satanic cults, with the head placed in the center of an inverted pentagram. When used by Satanists, this symbol is referred to as the Judas Goat.

Celtic Cross

Often mistaken as a Christian symbol, the Celtic Cross symbol actually dates back to the pre-Christian period (to 5000 BC) and is also referred to as the solar cross.

In Celtic traditions, the Celtic Cross represents the sun god of Celts. That being said, following the conversion of many Celtic people to Christianity, it turned into a symbol used by the Celtic Christian Church. St. Columbia, owner of the Isle of Iona monastery, brought the symbol to Ireland.

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Cross of Nero

Better known as the Peace Sign, the Cross of Nero is a symbol representing Nero’s desire to destroy Christianity in order to bring peace to the world.

While he ruled, Christians were martyred by the thousands. Following the Cold War era, the symbol was adopted by the hippie movement, and turned into a symbol of peace that can now be found on products and artwork around the globe.

Horned God Symbol

The Horned God symbol is one that can be made with a hand gesture. The second and third finger of the right hand are folded down so they overlap the thumb.

This symbol is meant to represent sexuality, particularly in males.

Horned Hand Symbol

Horned Hand Sign/symbol is made with the thumb being placed across the two middle fingers. It is a symbol used to ward off evil.

On a side note, the Horned Hand Symbol is made with the left hand, rather than the right one.

You would see the symbol very commonly at rock and heavy metal concerts, beginning with Ronnie James Dio (a fact that KISS bassist Gene Simmons argues, saying it was he who began using this hand gesture first).

Witch Sign

Another common occult symbol that can be displayed as a hand gesture is the Witch Sign, also known as the Moon Sign.

This hand gesture is made by folding the first, second, and third fingers against the palm of the hand, so that only the thumb and pinkie point outwards. The witch sign is used in Wiccan tradition to salute the moon as it rises.

Inverted Cross

Did you know that at one time, the inverted cross was actually a Christian symbol rather than a satanic one? It was a symbol of humility (as St. Peter demanded to be crucified upside down since he was not worthy of being crucified in the same way with Jesus Christ). Today, it is more widely recognized as a symbol used in Satanism to mock Christianity, and it is frequently seen together with the Goat of Mendes.

Mark of the Beast

The Mark of the Beast, or Seal of Babalon, is a creation of Aleister Crowley, a ritual magician and author who gained popularity when Ozzy Osbourne released his song, “Mr. Crowley”.

The symbol features male genitalia along with the alchemical sun sigil, inside a circle, and above a half-circle that represents the crescent moon.

Satanic Cross

The Satanic Cross, also known as the Leviathan Cross, has a few different forms. One of these forms is much like a traditional Christian cross except a question hanging at the bottom of it representing the questioning the existence of God and Heaven.

This symbol is also associated with alchemy and is known as a symbol for sulfur.

Another form of the Satanic Cross features a cross with two parallel horizontal lines and an ouroboros (infinity symbol) at the bottom. If you would like to read more about the Satanic Cross, pleas ekindly visit the following page:

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