The Meaning Behind the 7 Pointed Star

Are you a person intrigued by magic or fairy tales or how things came to be? Then you might want to know the meaning behind the heptagram or 7 pointed star. This star has got different meanings depending on the circumstances under which it is used.

For instance, it was used in Christianity to mean the seven days of creation and wade off evil. In other incidences, the heptagram has been used in different national flags to represent unity. For example, the Australian flag has 7 points signifying the unity of the six territories and states of the commonwealth in Australia. You must have seen the same star on commonwealth coat of Arms.

Find out more about the heptagram below.

The Meaning Behind the 7 Pointed Star
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Used in Magic

The seven-pointed star, also known as the ‘faery star’ is used as a symbol in modern magic. It has got several names including a ‘fairy star’ and ‘Elven star’ used to represent the world of Faery. It is sometimes exhibited as the focal point of meditation, protective shield or a representation of the Shining Realms. It is believed this heptagram star is as important as the number seven is in various spiritual traditions of the world.

Given the Fae-worthy fluke of language, this seven-pointed star can either be called a septagram, a heptagram or septegram which are all correct and has had mythical associations for several centuries.  Given its odd number of points, it is related to a continuous line. Due to its unbroken form, the heptagram has an identity of the symbol of Eternity.

Other Representations

Medieval alchemists used the heptagram to symbolize the seven alchemical metals and their conforming planets. However, it can also stand for the seven musical notes, seven colors, the seven sisters (Pleiades) and many other seven sacred things. For example, in Hermetic Qabalah this seven-pointed star represents the Netzach sphere and its corresponding planet Venus. Also, Aleister Crowley picked the heptagram as the seal of Babalon, The Sacred whore and the Great mother of Thelema.

The Faery Star

It is mostly seen as a continuous figure with elongate points. Much as no one knows when exactly and how the motif got incorporated into modern paganism, it is now a common sight in jewelry, books and altar tools. Today, many pagan practitioners have adopted the faery star in addition to, or instead of the familiar five-pointed star called the pentagram.

People familiar with magic say the 7 pointed pentagram reflects celestial or planetary magic while the five-pointed pentagram embraces the magic of the Earth and elements. Emily Carding in her book, Faery Craft, she talks about the star in seven chapters with exercises and meditations linked to each point. There are other resources which equally detail the Faery star-like Tarot spreads, rituals and more.

Expanding the Pentagram

The five-pointed pentagram is the widely accepted symbol of paganism. Its four lower points signify the four elements and the fifth point represents the ‘fifth element’ or the quintessence. It means the pentagram is the shorthand for the four Earth plane directions and the presence of the spirit. They are South, North, West, East and Above. It is said the pentagram identifies a point in space and animates it with life force.

Also, it is said the pentagram is the most appropriate symbol of the human magician. It also mirrors the shape of the human body, and when you add to it two more points to make 7, it will have wings. Besides, the pentagram evokes the four Mage’s hands tools and the Will to use them.

Therefore, there is no other glyph compares to its protective power. However, the Faery star expands our directionality awareness from five to seven. It encompasses North, South, West, East, Above, Below and Within. Since ‘within’ and ‘Below’ is unseen, they signify the hidden Realms of Faerie.

The Meaning Behind the 7 Pointed Star
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Bottom Line

The Faery Star is known as the seven pointed star, heptagram, Fairy star and Elven star among other names is famous in the magic world. It is mostly used to signify the Faery world (s). Also, the heptagram has been used in the Australian flag to signify the unity of the six states and territories of the commonwealth.