The Most Famous Zeus Myths

The Ancient Greek god of lightning, thunder and sky is Zeus. He is also regarded as the god of all gods and he is also the chief figure in Greek mythology. Over the years, there have been numerous myths that are associated with him, and sometimes it’s hard to know which are true and lies.

What we know is that he was infamous for his many sexual escapades, and there are plenty of stories about the abduction of Europa, Zeus and the Semele, Leda and the Swan, among others. In regards to humanity, there are like two main myths that surrounded Zeus, such as the Deucalion Myth and the Theft of Fire.

In this review, we are trying to bring to light some of these myths that surrounded this great leader. We look at what made him famous, and why people were obsessed with him, from his childhood to him as an adult.

The Most Famous Zeus Myths
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Here are some of the most famous Myths about Zeus.

His Father Cronus

According to Greek mythology, Zeus’s father Cronus, overthrew his own father Uranus in order to rule the world with his wife Rhea. However, he was later told that his own children would overthrow him just like he overthrew his father. 

Cronus and his wife had several kids, but it is said that he swallowed them all at birth. His sixth child Zeus was hidden by his mother in a cave, and Cronus was instead given a stone that was wrapped in clothes, which he swallowed.

When his son Zeus came of age, he hid from his father by disguising himself as a cu-bearer, and hence poisoned his father. When he was poisoned Cronus disgorged Zeus’s siblings – His sisters, Hestia, Demeter and Hera, and his brothers Poseidon and Hades.

Eventually Zeus did overthrow his father.

Athena’s Birth

The goddess of wisdom called Metis was Zeus’s first wife, and in order for him to marry Helen, Zeus had wanted to get rid of her. He tricked her eventually and was able to turn her into a fly of which he ate. However, Metis was pregnant and the child grew inside of Zeus.

One day, Zeus experienced a serious headache and when he ordered his head to be opened by the Labrys, it led to the birth of Athena, who came out as a fully grown woman who was armed. Athena was actually his favorite child.

Hera and Zeus Myth

Almost everyone knows this one. Hera was one of Zeus’s sisters and he fell in love with her, although she refused his advances initially, and since Zeus knew that Hera loved animals, he was able to transform himself into a cuckoo and flew outside her window.

He then pretended to be in distress because of the cold, and Hera had to feel pity for the bird and took it inside, and held it on her breast. Zeus transformed himself back to a man and raped her. Hera was ashamed of being exploited that she agreed to marry Zeus.

Most ancient accounts say that Hera gave birth to four children. 

Hera’s Rebellion

Although Hera was faithful to Zeus, Zeus was not faithful to her and he betrayed her often by sleeping with others. She actually forgot how Zeus initially tricked her into marrying him. When Zeus would be hard on the gods, Hera would talk to them so they would revolt against him.

However, Briareus, who was freed by Zeus from prison once overhead a conversation that made him realize that Zeus was tied. He was able to sneak into the room andr untie him. Zeus woke up angry and furious and hung Hera from the heaven with golden shackles.

Hera cried all night long but no one even dared to help her. The following day, Zeus showed her mercy and released her, but only after she swore she would never plot against him again.

The Most Famous Zeus Myths
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This may sound unreal to most people, but there are some who still worship the classic Greed gods and goddesses. Actually the ancient worship of Greek gods has a name, it’s called Neopaganism.