Viking Bracelets and Arm Rings – Authentic Viking Armbands for Men and Women

Stainless Steel Men’s Link Bracelet (With Branded Gift Box)

Just the word ‘Viking’ was enough to strike terror into the hearts in the days of old. The sight of these towering, powerful warriors was both feared and respected. The characteristic art and motifs which adorned their battle armor and raiding ships magnified that aura of invincibility. Embrace that aura for your own with this Viking bracelet.

The face of each link is made in the shape of a helmeted Norse warrior. Both sides are decorated with the winding curves so often seen on Viking relics. Made of 316L stainless steel – commonly known as marine grade steel – it is the perfect tribute to the race of seafaring warriors.


Stainless Steel Dragon Bangle Bracelet – Silver and Black Genuine Braided Leather Viking Armband

Sea serpents and dragons feature frequently in the mythology of ancient races, especially those of seafaring ones like the Vikings. Wearing a Viking armband connects you to those tales of fearsome beasts and their mighty deeds. This Viking bracelet consists of a braided leather wristband with a silver dragon’s head at each end.

The two dragons face each other, jaws locked upon a single silver ring between them. A breathtaking amount of workmanship has gone into the design of each head – traditional Viking motifs and patterns adorn them up to the collar. The sturdy leather wristband completes the staunch look of this amazing piece.


Stainless Steel Dragon Curb Chain Gothic Style Viking Bracelet

In Norse mythology, a great serpent encircles the world, destined to grow larger each day until it finally is large enough to swallow its own tail. That moment will trigger Ragnarok – the destruction of existence as we know it. Wear that prophecy on your wrist with this stainless steel Viking bracelet.

The links of this bracelet are designed to move together in a way that resembles a dragon snaking through the air. Blackened enamel contrasts against buffed stainless steel to create a showcase of light and dark which imbues this Viking bracelet with an air of restrained power.


 Stainless Steel Adjustable Double Head Dragon Viking Arm Ring

Fangs bared, two dragons face off just inches apart… but they are, in fact, one. That is the scene that plays out on your wrist with this polished stainless steel Viking arm ring. The fact that this wrist accessory does not form a complete circle means that it is technically a ‘cuff’.

For those who care more about the aesthetics than terminology, the two dragons share a steel body constructed to resemble a twisted rope. The Double Dragon symbol transcends several cultures. Pay homage to them all with this polished Viking bracelet.


Celtic Cross Viking Bracelet/Cuff

The Celtic Cross is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. Here, this famous symbol is paired with those of another prominent culture – the Vikings. This Viking cuff has the Celtic Cross as its face. Within the borders of the cross and also along the cuff’s arc are the intricate, interconnected patterns which have come to symbolize the art of both the Celts and the Norsemen.

The ring is decorated with small dots all along its circumference. Made of pewter to add a light, airy feel to the breezy cuff, this is the ideal addition to a wardrobe that speaks volumes without weighing a ton.


 Stainless Steel Fenrir the Giant Wolf Leather Curb Chain Interwoven Viking Bracelet

Animals feature prominently in Norse mythology, and the wolf is one of its central figures. Fenrir, the giant wolf whose phenomenal growth astounded and troubled the gods is prophesied to devour Odin, the king of the gods in the End Times. Wear the devourer of gods on your wrist with this Viking bracelet.

Crafted from steel, the ferocious wolf heads clasp a ring with their jaws. The wristband of curb links is also made of steel with an interwoven leather bracelet added to contribute an earthy accent to the design. A Viking bracelet with an air of menace.


Silver-Tone Phoenix Magnetic Therapy Celtic Copper Cuff Viking Bracelet

The Phoenix has symbolized rejuvenation, rebirth and new beginnings since the ancient times. Some of the world’s earliest descriptions of magnets also trace their history to the Greeks. These two come together in this beautiful cuff. It is constructed of copper and magnets to harness the healing and pain management properties these materials are believed to possess.

The Silver Phoenix pattern emblazoned on the circumference adds to the vibe of positivity. The phoenixes are surrounded by strange interlocking patterns that resemble those found on a Viking bracelet.


Handmade Vintage Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet

Double headed animals make a frequent appearance in the stories our ancestors passed down for generations. They are popularly believed to hint at the duality of our own nature. This 925 Sterling silver Viking armband featuring a two headed dragon is open to your interpretation.

The chain bracelet is reminiscent of what a dragon’s scales are purported to look like, and the two heads are magnificently combined into the clasp mechanism. The undulating surface and silver color are perfect to trap and reflect light, giving the bracelet an almost lifelike appearance. The effect is even better when the flexible links move past each other, giving the impression of independent movement.


Bronze Fenrir Wolf Head Twisted Cable Bangle Cuff Pagan Viking Bracelet/Arm Ring

The giant wolf, Fenrir is one of the most ferocious beasts in all of mythology. Offspring of a god and a giantess, he is fated to grow to prodigious size and engage in a final, cataclysmic battle with the gods that results in the end of all life. This Viking bracelet is constructed of high quality bronze and features two wolf heads facing each other across the chasm of the cuff. Inscribed into their cheeks are ancient Norse patterns.

The bracelet is made to resemble intertwined coils of rope, an effect that is made all the more realistic by alternating the bronze color with black. Instead of a perfect finish, the artisan has opted for an antique look that adds depth of character.

Stainless Steel Dragon-Themed Twisted Wire Viking Bracelet

Whether resting on your wrist or lying on its side on its own, the image of two dragons facing each other with bared fangs is a ferocious sight. These two dragon heads have been created in exquisite detail from stainless steel, and are connected with a bracelet of the same material designed to appear as multiple thread entwined around each other.

Light shimmers and bounces off the edges, imbuing the entire construction with a magical quality. Each of the four color combinations – gold, silver, silver-gold and black – make for a unique visual effect.