Vince Flynn Books In Order – How To Read Mitch Rapp Book Series

If you are into spy thrillers, there is no doubt you will love the literary works of Vince Flynn. After his first book, Term Limits, published in 1997, the American author wrote 14 books for his esteemed Mitch Rapp book series. Here is the complete list of Vince Flynn books in order including Mitch Rapp series for those who are new to Mr. Flynn’s amazing talent for writing thrillers.   

Term Limits (1997)

A stand-alone novel, Term Limits was actually Vince Flynn’s first book and was self-published by him. Little did he know that it was going to completely change his life and would turn out to be the stepping stone to one of the best political thriller series that the world has ever read.

The book that remained on the New York Times bestseller list for several weeks, talks about the highly popular and widely discussed political idea of returning power to the people.

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With the mission of returning America’s political power to its people, a few US citizens have killed the country’s three most powerful politicians and have sent an ultimatum to the government. The assassins claim that no one in the power circle is out of their reach – not even the president.

No one knows anything about the murderers’ identity or their plans, except junior congressman Michael O’ Rourke. Will he be able to stop the wave of violence and terror that has spread across the country? Read the book to find out!

Mitch Rapp Books in Order – How To Read Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp/American Assassin Series

  1. Transfer of Power (1999)

The first item in our list of Mitch Rapp books in order is Transfer of Power published in 1999. The book that introduced to the world one of the most popular heroes of contemporary thriller fiction – Agent Mitch Rapp – starts with a terrorist attack on the White House that has left dozens of innocent people killed, hundreds being taken as hostages and the country’s president trapped in his underground bunker. Unable to deal with the situation, the CIA calls its best undercover counterterrorism officer Agent Mitch Rapp for help.

Agent Rapp has to enter the White House to not only save the president and hostages, but also to unravel the master plan behind the attack. As he secretly moves through the corridors of the White House, he discovers something that he had not imagined in his wildest dreams.

What is it and will Agent Rapp be able to live up to the expectations of the people and save America from the danger looming over it?

Join the CIA’s topmost agent on his journey to unveiling the shocking truth!

  1. The Third Option (2000)

In the second pulse-pounding chapter of the Mitch Rapp saga, the CIA sends its best undercover agent to Europe to kill an industrialist who has allegedly been supplying highly dangerous weapons to one of the world’s biggest sponsors of terrorism. But, agent Rapp doesn’t know that he is being used by his own people and has been sent away from the country on purpose.

Will he be able to figure out the hidden agenda and people behind it or will the conspirators succeed in their plan? You will have to read the book to find out.

  1. Separation of Power (2001)

With the appointment of a new CIA director, Dr. Irene Kennedy, things aren’t going well in Washington. Some internal forces are conspiring against her and the president. On the other hand, the discovery that Saddam Hussein, the ruler of Iraq, is on the verge of entering the nuclear arms race has put world peace at risk.

With such grave threats looming over the United States on both internal and external fronts, the president has called the country’s best officer for help.

With both the country’s and the world’s peace at stake, agent Mitch Rapp has to put his best foot forward and work on both the fronts at the same time.

Working on the two fronts and against a ticking clock, agent Rapp cannot afford any delay or mistake. Read the book to find out how his intelligence and skills are going to be truly tested.

  1. Executive Power (2003)

The worst thing that could happen to an undercover agent is that his cover gets blown and it has happened to Mitch Rapp.

A covert mission in Iraq has left CIA’s agent Rapp in the spotlight. On the one hand, he is being praised by the media and public for saving the world from another world war. But, on the other hand, he has also become the topmost target of terrorists all over the world. All this has made Mitch Rapp take a step back and do his work from the CIA headquarters.

But, will he be able to stay away from the front line when he hears about the deadly ambush that the secret team of US Navy SEAL has caught into, in the Philippines? Find the answer in Executive Power.

  1. Memorial Day (2004)

Join Mitch Rapp as he leads a team of commandos to conduct a raid on an Al-Qaeda stronghold in Afghanistan in order to destroy their plan for launching a nuclear attack on Washington during the Memorial Day ceremony.

Packed with action, adventure, and true-to-life insider details, the 5th book of the Mitch Rapp series will keep you glued to your seat until you finish the novel.

  1. Consent to Kill (2005)

Consent to Kill published in 2005 is the fifth book in our list of Mitch Rapp books in order of publication. For years, Mitch Rapp, the CIA’s counterterrorism operative, has fought against all odds to save his country and the world from disastrous terrorist plans. But, now he has to save his own life as the father of a terrorist, who Rapp had killed, seeks vengeance. And he is not alone. Many other forces from all over the world, who want Rapp dead, have joined hands with him.

Can the CIA’s best officer save himself from the huge conspiracy? Get the book to find out for yourself.

  1. Act of Treason (2006)

Mitch Rapp follows a trail of contract killers to find the culprit behind the bomb blast on the motorcade of a presidential candidate. But he would have never imagined that it would lead him to the inner sanctum of the Oval office.

Now it is on agent Rapp to unearth the grand scheme of things and expose the traitors sitting inside the White House.

  1. Protect and Defend (2007)

Considered one of the most daring and explosive political thrillers that have been written yet, Protect and Defend is based on the most pressing issue of international politics – Iran’s nuclear program.

Agent Mitch is sent to Iran to bring down the country’s billion-dollar nuclear program. Will Mitch Rapp be able to successfully complete the highly difficult and sensitive operation? Or will it lead to an international catastrophe?

  1. Extreme Measures (2008)

With CIA intelligence reports of a terrorist group about to descend on the United States, agent Mitch Rapp joins forces Mike Nash, a brave, intelligent, and dedicated former Marine Corps and elite operative, to save his country, once again.

But, the political scenario in Washington has changed and many powerful leaders want agent Rapp to be put on a short leash. Will Mitch Rapp be able to save his country and people from the lurking threat amid all the resistance and chaos?

  1. Pursuit of Honor (2009)

In the 10th part of his political thriller series, Vince Flynn takes readers back to the secret world of undercover agents and their plans that cannot be discussed with anyone, not even with the country’s political leadership.

Join Mitch Rapp as he is following the trails of three terrorists that are on the run, after attacking the National Counterterrorism Center in DC.

  1. American Assassin (2010)

While American Assassin was published as the 11th book in the Mitch Rapp series, it takes readers back in time, when Mitch Rapp had not joined the CIA and was enjoying his carefree life as a college student.

But, then something happened that changed the course of life of Mitch Rapp, an athlete, and made him take up the task of protecting his country from terrorists without putting on a uniform. Read the gripping tale of tragedy, anger, retribution, and adventure to find out what made Mitch Rapp become the worst nightmare of terrorists.

On a side note, American Assassin is the only Vince Flynn book adapted into a feature film among the novels in our list of Mitch Rapp books in order. 

The movie with same name starring Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton and Sanaa Lathan hit the theaters in September 2017.

  1. Kill Shot (2012)

The 12th book of the Mitch Rapp saga also takes you back in time; to the initial years of Mitch Rapp working as a CIA undercover agent and him getting caught in the first trap of his life.

Read on to learn about the troubles that undercover agents have to go through and how one incident can make them a liability for their own country.

How will agent Mitch Rapp save himself and clear his name when he is left alone, wounded, in a foreign land? Read Kill Shot to get all the answers.

  1. The Last Man (2012)

Back to Agent Rapp’s current life, The Last Man follows the adventures of the CIA’s best agent as he goes to Afghanistan to rescue his friend and the head of CIA’s clandestine operations in Afghanistan, Joe Rickman, who’s apparently been kidnapped by the terrorist forces.

  1. The Survivor (2015) – death

The Survivor picks up the story where The Last Man left off. In a shocking turn of events, Joe Rickman, a former top-level CIA operative, becomes the traitor and steals a massive amount of sensitive data. Left with no other option, the CIA director sends agent Mitch Rapp after him.

Vince Flynn, the writer of this masterpiece political thriller series, passed away while he was writing the 14th part i.e. The Survivor. After his death, the work was taken up by Kyle Mills. He not only completed The Survivor, but also wrote four more books of the series – Order to Kill (2016), Enemy of the State (2017), Red War (2018), and Lethal Agent (2019).

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