Watch Football – Best Apps to Download for Free

It’s fun watching football matches on your phone and having a reliable app that allows you to satisfy your curiosity. There are different football apps for both Android and iOS devices that you can download for free. These services allow you to get football updates straight to your phone.

App developers have created apps that allow you to watch videos in real-time from any part of the world. These apps come in handy, especially for people who are always on the go.

Consider an app that allows you to watch football online. When choosing the best football app, you should also consider the reliability. Here are the best apps that you can download for free to watch your favorite teams play.

Watch Football - Best Apps to Download for Free
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365 Scores

The 365 Scores app encompasses different games, including football, American football, and basketball

Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store to easily download this app. You can receive live notifications, videos, standings, highlights, and notices of future tournaments.

It is a user-friendly app that makes it easy to watch and keep track of scores. All you need is an Internet connection and you are good to go. 

Moreover, you can adjust the settings and receive updates on football news from across the world.


Mobdro is a well known app for Android devices.

You will enjoy different football matches from absolutely anywhere. This app is also designed with more than ten languages from different countries.

Moreover, this app is user friendly and you don’t need to log in to an account. 

Go to the latest app on their website to download Mobdro. It is best fitted for devices running on Android 4.1+. It offers reliable sports channels for you to watch football from any part of the world.


FlashScore is a free app that allows you to stay updated on your favorite team.

You can view different matches and, when you are not online, the information will still be flashing up on your phone. With this app, you will have more than 5,000 competitions to follow.

What makes this app more reliable is that it keeps on reminding you about matches through notifications. 

It’s free to use and is designed to help keep you updated. Moreover, you can read comments given by other football fans.

CBS Sports

The CBS Sports app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Besides receiving first-hand information, you now have a user-friendly app allowing you to stream different football matches. 

You can also see your favorite team’s line-up and adjust the app to customize the navigation link

You can also see the historical outcomes of different matches and the organization of the live teams. 


The LiveScore app provides you with instant information on football, no matter which corner of the world you are in. 

This app is suitable for Android and iOS devices. It is a user-friendly app designed to work correctly, even when your internet connection is slow.

Moreover, this app consumes less data compared to others, and ensures a fast response. The information is shared in different languages as well. Plus, this app is free to use

You can also view the history of games played in the past. Such information is helpful when you want to place a bet.  There are many tools and fixtures with this app to help you watch and follow different football games.

Watch Football - Best Apps to Download for Free
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Bottom Line

Watch your favorite match from the comfort of your home, with ones of these fantastic football apps

They are designed to help you stream a game and receive notifications of ongoing competitions, even when you are not online. As a football fan, it’s essential to be updated on different games. 

Therefore, these apps make it easy for you. You no longer need a television in order to watch football online.