Discover the Most Loyal Zodiac Sign


What zodiac sign are you? Many people know and believe in their star signs. It is one simple way of understanding your character, strengths and weaknesses without doing extensive research. 

In any case, where would go or what site to research about yourself? Zodiac signs are the easiest symbols to help you understand the energy going around you. There are different zodiacs signs. They include cancer, Libra, Sagittarius Capricorn, Pisces, etc. 


These zodiacs have different traits and/or behavior. Do you want to learn more about the loyal Scorpio zodiac? Keep reading.

Discover the Most Loyal Zodiac Sign
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Who Is A Scorpio?

Scorpios are born from October 23 to November 21 and belong to the water element. They are the eighth astrological zodiac sign that originates from Scorpius constellation. 


Much as they say Scorpios aren’t the best in relationships given their possessiveness, they are the most loyal. Scorpios are known to be jealousy and therefore might not make good partners (depending on what you want in a relationship).

If you prefer loyalty, a Scorpio will be loyal to you irrespective of whether they love you or hate you. As a friend, a Scorpio will be true to you and defend you at all costs and expect the same from you.

Traits of a Scorpio


A Scorpio is a loyal character. Whether a Scorpio is an employee, a friend or partner, they are loyal people. If you are looking for a partner and loyalty is your number one quality, then with a Scorpio, you have hit the jackpot. 

You don’t have to worry about a Scorpio cheating on you; rather, they will fight for the relationship with their life. Scorpios will never abandon ship, but rather they will stay until the end.


Scorpios are the true definition of relentless. Give a Scorpio a positive and meaningful purpose, and they will use it to change the world. You can’t stop them no matter what. 

They don’t know recrimination, self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Scorpios know what they want and believe they are entitled to it. In case of problems, their razor-sharp intellect creates flexible solutions and get-around.


If a Scorpio loves you, they mean it and they will want to know everything you think/do/believe, etc. However, they will not allow you access to their private world.  

These people love sex, are very physical and don’t do ‘casual’ rather super-intense. Sometimes, this passionate love turns into something more controlling that comes from wanting to protect you. 

Depending on the other partner, sometimes this fierce love is magical, sometimes it gets too much.


Scorpios believe their daily life is a mission. This causes them to be focused and ready to work their strengths, charms and advantages to achieve what they want (and they always know it). Seeing Scorpios is like watching a predator parading around. 

See the predator arch its back, flick its tail and flex its claws-it will do something awesome. Notably, with a Scorpio, you won’t know what’s coming because they don’t share their thoughts or goals with anyone.

Discover the Most Loyal Zodiac Sign
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Fearlessly Curious

Nothing fazes a Scorpio. The more twisted/sick/gory/disturbing it is, the more they want to look.  If there is anything mysterious, unsolved or hidden, it draws them like moths to a flame. 

They behave differently-some flirt with the occult, embroiled in dangerous and dark lifestyles while others turn this courage into a heroic situation. They will take up roles and jobs most of us would run away from.

Famous Scorpios

Some of the Scorpio big names include Hillary Clinton, Pablo Picasso, Julia Roberts, Jimmy Kimmel, Whoopi Goldberg, Marie Antoinette, Bill Gates and Mathew McConaughey among many others. 

Final Thoughts

Scorpio is considered the most loyal zodiac. They will be loyal to their friends, partners and any other relationships. However, this loyalty sometimes turns into possessiveness. If you need a loyal partner, look no further than a Scorpio.