Everything to Know About the Pisces Star Sign

The Pisces star sign is the 12th astrological sign and the last one on the zodiac. It is symbolized by a pair of fish swimming head to tail. Its zodiac element is water. 

Its dates are February 19 to March 20. Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune and, since it is connected with music, Pisces people are usually musical. They are known to be compassionate, generous, and more intuitive than others. 

If you want to find out more about the Pisces star sign, we have rounded up everything you need to know in the article below.

Everything to Know About the Pisces Star Sign
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Love and Sex

Pisces are known to be very romantic. They are gentle, loyal, and unconditionally generous to their lovers. Pisces are passionate lovers that have a need for a real connection with their partners. 

When a Pisces is in love, they are blindly caring and loyal. This can result in them being taken advantage of. 

A Pisces is highly compatible with a Taurus and these two star signs will make a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Since Taurus represents tenderness, sensuality and the art of love making, he can satisfy a Pisces’ need for a real connection.

Friends and Family

Considering Pisces’ gentle and caring nature, it should come as no surprise that they can make very close friendships

A Pisces will put the needs of their friends before their own. They are devoted, loyal and compassionate. In case there is a problem amongst friends or the family, a Pisces will take it upon themselves to find a solution. 

They are also expressive and won’t find problems sharing their feelings to people around them. 

They think that because they are good to people, they should receive the same treatment but they are often left feeling disappointed. As a result of this, they are liable to a lot of hurt. They also value communication with their loved ones. 

Career and Money

Often dreamy and intuitive, Pisces people are at their best where their creativity is showcased. It is even better if they are showcasing their creativity for charity. Occupations that best fit Pisces are architects, veterinarians, social workers, attorneys, musicians, and game designers.

They are inspired by positively impacting the lives of others and they will go out of their way to achieve it. Since they are hardworking, compassionate, reliable, and dedicated, they are also great problem solvers.

Pisces don’t think about money that much. Instead, they tend to focus more on their goals and dreams. They will, however, make money to help them pursue those dreams. 

In regards to money, a Pisces can either be stingy or spend all of their money without caring.

A Pisces Man

A Pisces man is sensitive, compassionate, and kind. He lives to please others and if you want to connect with him on a deeper level you should try your best to open up to him

His gentle nature pushes him to pursue your desires before his own. He is always looking for ways to please you. 

What more do you want in a man?

A Pisces man is highly compatible with a Taurus.

Everything to Know About the Pisces Star Sign
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Last Say

The Pisces star sign is a water sign which means that a Pisces person is often emotional and driven by their feelings. Pisces are also compassionate, gentle, reliable, and hardworking. 

You don’t want to hurt or disappoint them because their emotions will flow like a waterfall