Fire Signs Zodiac: Learn More About the Three Fire Signs

While we all know that there are 12 zodiac signs, one of the most common ways to classify them is by element. The four elements are water, fire, air, and earth. In astrology, these elements are used to define how a sign acts and responds to different situations.

The three fire signs in the Zodiac are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Fire star signs are naturally impatient, passionate, and forward-thinking. Given their impulsivity, they rarely dwell on the past and race toward the future.

If you are a fire sign and wish to find out more about your personality, read the below guide for everything you need to know.

Fire Signs Zodiac: Learn More About the Three Fire Signs
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Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries are known to use their fiery personality to get their point across and their voices heard. As Aries is the first Zodiac sign, they tend to be natural leaders in the workplace.

Since the main body part associated with Aries is the head, it is not surprising that they dive headfirst into the most difficult situations. An Aries is also known to be direct and uncomplicated, although they often get frustrated by unnecessary nuances and exhaustive details. 

Since it is believed that each star sign learns from the previous one, Aries are natural-born leaders. They tend to lead with blind optimism and are very impulsive people.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

This fearless lion is a fixed sign. A Leo is a very loyal friend with a strong will. Having said that, they are not someone you would want to get into a conflict with. 

They are unwavering in their beliefs regardless of what happens. They are known to be proud, selfish, and never second-guess themselves. These fiery lions are bound to roar if they are not happy about something.

Leo is the fifth sign on the zodiac wheel. Just like the lion they represent, Leos are brave, strong, and ready to dominate any situation they find themselves in. When they set a goal, they will chase it with single-minded determination. 

If a Leo is bent on achieving something, you better get out of their way or help them achieve it.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius is a mutable sign. It is sometimes known to be thoughtful and flexible, just like the Zodiac’s philosophers. A Sagittarius will apply their passionate energy to fuel their quest for the truth. The archer, who is the protector of the galaxy,  is known to be a fearless fighter that never minces his words.

Even then, a Sagittarius is said to keep quiet in order to stay out of trouble. A Sagittarius is known to be fair-minded, funny, honest, and intellectual. They are fun and spontaneous people which explains why they have so many friends. 

They enjoy and appreciate freedom in all aspects of their life. They are the best conversationalists, together with Gemini. However, they also tend to get bored easily and can move on quickly from friends and loved ones. 

As a result of this, they have can suffer from commitment issues, which can result in many broken relationships.

Fire Signs Zodiac: Learn More About the Three Fire Signs
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Last Remark

After reading this article, you will know whether or not you are a fire sign. It is also important to learn how to live with fire signs in case they are your siblings, partners, parents, or workmates. 

One sure thing is that these star signs are impulsive. It is said that they tend to think after making the jump, rather than before, which can create many problems throughout their life.