Water Signs Zodiac: Discover the Three Water Signs

In astrology, water is yet another element used to classify star signs along with fire, earth, and air. It is not a coincidence that these four elements are the foundations of life. The three water signs of the Zodiac are Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. 

All of these characters are known to be sentimental and sensitive. Water signs have intense visions, dreams, and an intuition so strong that it can turn into a psychic power. 

If you are a water sign, or know someone who is, read on to find out more.

Water Signs Zodiac: Discover the Three Water Signs


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Cancer is a cardinal sign who is able to take decisive action and achieve their dreams swiftly. They are called the zodiac providers because they are breadwinners and nurturers. 

Since the crab is able to crawl between shore and sea, a cancer star sign is able to exist well between both the material and emotional worlds. 

If they meet a person or a situation that makes them happy, they will hold onto it with their all.


Scorpio is the Zodiac’s only fixed water sign. Given Scorpio’s passionate character, they are usually mistaken for a fire sign. In actual fact, their intense energy comes after their intuition.  

They tend to rely on their gut feelings before reason and logic. Also, their emotions often run high which makes it difficult for them to turn off their feelings. Try your best not to betray a Scorpio, because you will receive a poisonous and venomous sting in return. 

Scorpios are natural born leaders, determined, and brave. They are known to be loyal, honest and highly ambitious. They don’t set limits and no one can tell them that something is impossible. 

They are represented by a scorpion symbol. Some of their negative traits include jealousy and keeping secrets from others.


A Pisces is a mutable water sign represented by a pair of fish. Pisces are known to be tender and full of mysticism. Their emotions change uncontrollably and they take ages to make a permanent decision. 

However, when they finally do make a decision, it is easy for them to stick with it and avoid temptation. Pisces are the creative ones of the zodiac. They can use their artistry to create a world that they want, even if it is only existent in their heads. 

They have strong imaginations and are artistic, which helps them when they pursue hobbies like music, art, and writing. A Pisces is the 12th and last zodiac sign. Pisces are known to be the most empathetic of all the zodiac signs and they will do everything possible to make the people around them happy. 

Given their generous nature, most people tend to take advantage of them. They will give as much as they possibly can in order to help others, particularly their loved ones.

Water Signs Zodiac: Discover the Three Water Signs
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Last Remark

Generally speaking, water signs are known to be affectionate and emotional people. They let their emotions flow like a waterfall and are not afraid to express themselves. However, they can also be strong leaders, highly ambitious, and tend to have a vivid imagination. 

You don’t want to hurt or betray any of them because they will hit back with a strong and shocking response.  As a rule, water star signs tend to find it difficult to make a decision. They are genuinely loving people who will do anything for those around them.