Mobile Internet Speed – How to Download Apps and Test Speed for Free

The expansion of internet access means that more and more people are becoming interconnected. It also means that the internet tends to become quite a crowded place

Because of this, data speed becomes a concerning issue for most of us, and easy online tasks might become more difficult to accomplish. 

That is why we put together a short list of the best apps for testing your internet speed and how to download them!

Ookla Speedtest

If you’re wondering what app is the most accurate in terms of internet speed testing, look no further. Ookla Speedtest is available for a wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, Apple TV, and others. It can be easily downloaded for each platform by accessing their website here.

In only a few seconds, you will see both your download and upload speed in MBPS. It also displays the provider and server you are using. Furthermore, if you make an account with Ookla, you can also keep track of your internet speed and make comparisons across different areas. 

Another great feature of Ookla is that it is completely free of charge. All you need to do is access the website and tap once on the only button available. Then, your internet speed will be displayed in only a matter of seconds.  


SpeedSmart is an app that is developed by, and it is now one of the most popular iPhone and Android apps when it comes to testing mobile internet speed. It is extremely accurate because of the HTML5 utilization, as opposed to Java or Flash, which are used by many other mobile internet speed testing apps. 

This also means that SpeedSmart is considerably faster than other competing apps. Furthermore, unlike Ookla, which requires you to make an account to track your speed history, SpeedSmart does this automatically and is extremely user-friendly

You can use SpeedSmart on your personal computer, Android devices, or iOS devices. SpeedSmart is even considered the ultimate speed test for your mobile internet and wi-fi connection. You can do so with only one tap and the results take less than 30 seconds

Additionally, they have servers in most major cities, thus ensuring speed and accuracy. It quickly displays your upload and download speeds, as well as the ping for your reference. It also saves the information. 

If you want to check how fast your internet connection is, you can do so with SpeedSmart from anywhere in the world with ease and accuracy. 

Some of its other features include the following.

  • Jitter test and network pink
  • Wi-Fi SSID on results
  • Read time speed test for upload and download speed
  • Mobile data and Wi-Fi network speed test
  • Test with only one tap in under 30 seconds
  • Worldwide servers 
  • Does not require any unnecessary permissions
  • Troubleshoot the speed
  • Detailed history that includes IP, location, data used, and others

V-SPEED Speed Test 

If you want a customizable mobile internet speed test, V-Speed is the right answer. It is a cloud-managed testing app that is suitable for performing advanced VoIP tests, measuring bandwidth, and testing the statistics database. 

The app is available for both Android and iPhone and can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple Store accordingly. 

Furthermore, the V-Speed speed test is an advanced, extremely powerful app that allows you to measure your internet configuration and speed. It has a highly intuitive interface with a modern design. This app is also suitable for more experienced users, and it embeds numerous options that allow you to configure it to your liking. 

The app displays general information about your internet connection, such as IP address, SIM operator, name of the Wi-Fi network, the service provider, and more. It also displays a history of your results with the ability to filter or sort the list based on numerous criteria. 

Furthermore, if you want to share your results, you can easily copy the results and the IP address to the clipboard, or you can simply choose the option to share your data with social networking sites. 


All in all, mobile internet speed tests are necessary to see whether your ISP’s promises are true or not. These three apps are the best on the market and are suitable for various needs, whether it is for personal or professional purposes.