Free Apps to Learn Quick Recipes

Food is as essential for our health, and it can have a tremendous impact on our quality of life. 

As most of us have a hectic lifestyle, finding the time necessary to experiment with lots of recipes in the kitchen can be quite challenging. 

Stemming from this, we took our time to test some mobile apps and see if they can help you learn quick, healthy recipes. This is what we found!


Almost everyone has heard of Tasty since it is powered by the media giant known as BuzzFeed. Tasty is a free app that features multiple video recipes, with clear instructions and easy-to-follow steps. This makes it perhaps the best app to learn quick recipes

One highlight of Tasty is that, while the videos are quick, they are incredibly detailed, helping you create quick meals every time. You will understand everything you need to do even before you go shopping for the ingredients!

You can easily browse through endless recipes that have delicious, mouth-watering photos, and the app is pretty fun, too! Another bonus is that you can use the cheat sheet of the search function. For instance, you can look for “5 ingredients or less” recipes, “under 30 minutes”, or even “easy” recipes. 

Furthermore, the app has a make-again user rating, which gives you an idea of the recipe’s overall success rate. Vegetarians are also well cared for since they can filter out all of the non-vegetarian dishes. While there are some ads now and then, this app provides outstanding free content. 

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories comes with a unique, beginner-friendly interface that starts with the prep work, so you do not need to worry about how to start cooking a recipe. Another great feature is that you will not have to go back and forth between instructions and ingredient list, either!

There is also a photo for each of the cooking steps that is accompanied by a lightbulb which offers useful tips, sometimes even as videos

The app offers recipes both for beginners and more advanced people. It also provides detailed information regarding the cooking time, the difficulty of the recipe, and the utensils needed. This makes it easy to pick the best recipe according to your personal preferences. 

If you simply need some inspiration, the search bar is of great help. They are further present on social media, where users upload photos of their dishes, so you can see how their efforts look like, and you can also share and be proud of your own work. 

Project Foodie

Project Foodie is a top choice if you prefer video content rather than writing. It has tons of video recipes, and they are all for free! However, one drawback might be that there are only 17 recipes for beginners, not so many for intermediate, which makes this selection quite limited for some people. 

However, the winning feature of Project Foodie is the detail they put into each recipe. There are numerous entry-level techniques explained with so much detail that it is impossible not to boost your skills in no time. As mentioned, all of this is completely for free! 

On the other hand, you might find it almost impossible to cook along with the videos, as it requires lots of patience and time. Therefore, you might have to learn, practice, watch, rewatch, do it, and so on; if you have the time for this, then Project Foodie has all it takes to help you boost your skills and cook some delicious meals. 

Another great highlight of this app is that it has a sliding scale for the number of portions. All you need to do is select the number of portions, and the app will do all the math for you! However, the app only changes the ingredients, not the timings, and other considerations in the instructions, so you need to account for that by yourself.



All in all, this concludes our list of free apps to learn quick recipes. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced cook, we are sure that you will find quite some exciting options. Homecooked, delicious, and quick meals are always the winner, both in terms of taste and health!