Extra Money at Home – Learn How to Download the Best Apps

It might not sound so believable, but apps that help you earn money are real – and this is your sign that you need to start making some free cash! 

These apps are about sharing economy, mobile advertising, or market research, for example. 

They are easy to use and download on smartphones, making them easy to access from anywhere when you have a bit of free time to spare. 

Money App  

The Money App is available for iOS and Android operating phones. This app is about market research, which gives specific tasks that need to be completed to receive rewards. These tasks can be free trial participation, mystery shopping, playing games, testing services, offering opinions, and checking store displays

After opening an account, in order to accumulate rewards, you have to complete the tasks given by the Money app. These rewards can be withdrawn through PayPal by redeeming them for cash. Usually, money-making apps don’t offer real money for rewards. 

They more likely offer products, vouchers, or points that need to be collected and exchanged for different products. Money app is great for this, and payments can be made every 2 to 3 days, while other apps usually make payments once a month. 


The iPoll application is available both for Android and iOS users. Through this app, you can earn money by taking market surveys. You can write down diaries of different food consumption, go to grocery stores, and complete your mission around retail.

This app will send you alerts when it has new missions for you. They have to fit the information you provide when you sign up, though, in order for it to match you with appropriate missions. This, however, is what makes it enjoyable. It sends missions that you will like because it bases its fittings on your personal information. 

The rewards earned with this app can be redeemed for cash through PayPal or for gift cards. The minimum required to redeem is $10, and you are also automatically entered into a quarterly sweepstake to be awarded $10,000 in cash.  


What makes Swagbucks (Google Play and iOS) a true winner is that, as soon as you sign up, you get a $10 bonus. The app allows you to collect points by taking part in surveys, play games, or shopping online. They are all tasks that you can quickly complete as you wait in a queue or maybe are on your daily work commute. Furthermore, the points can also be collected if you watch videos

Unlike other market research apps, Swagbucks has numerous survey opportunities, thus more chances of earning cash. 

Despite the high number of surveys available, some of them might not be valid according to your demographics. Another great benefit of Swagbucks is that you can redeem the points or cashback from Paypal with a threshold of 2,500 points as $25, or you can have a gift card. 


Slidejoy is another Android app that has a simple, smooth process of earning you cash. In other words, it pays you for the lock screen. After you install Slidejoy on your phone, your lock screen will start playing different ads. 

The great part is that you earn cash regardless of whether you interact with the ad or not – for instance, just think how many times you unlock your phone to check it during a day. Slidejoy also offers more opportunities for extra cash, such as taking part in different surveys. 

When it comes to payment methods, you can either choose Square Cash or Paypal. You can also donate your earnings to a charity, a feature that makes Slidejoy stand out from the crowd. However, there is indeed a catch. 

More specifically, you need to wait 3 months before you cash out your first payment; afterward, you can take your earnings once a month. Another slight drawback is that it also has the highest cash-out fee: a surprising 20%. 


All in all, even if it might be surprising to earn money without doing much other than watch a video, complete a survey, or play a game, it is not impossible. 

Furthermore, our apps are also safe and do not require any personal information, since you can choose to redeem your cash as a gift card or send it to your Paypal account