Top Best Apps To Track a Car

How many times have you forgotten where you parked your car? 

Malls, stadiums, and busy parking lots are always confusing, and there’s no point to go look around if they are miles long from one end to another. 

This is where apps to track a car come in. Let us help you find your parked car with these great apps!

Anchor Pointer

If you want a highly functional, easy-to-use app to track your car, Anchor Pointer is the winner. It uses GPS to locate your car on a map, and you can even see your longitude and latitude. That is how it works, but that is nowhere near as important as the navigation screen. 

As soon as you’re getting ready for your trip, all you need to do is tap the button that says “find car”, and a cardinal arrow will indicate in which direction your car is located. On top of this, it estimates your walking speed and gives you an estimated time until you reach your car. 

Anchor Pointer is more than a simple tracking app, although it does this job quickly and flawlessly. It is also useful if you want to set meeting points in your city, or you can even see your friends nearby who use Anchor Pointer. Additionally, you can save multiple points around your area and create your own points of interest. 

Anchor Pointer is free, and it is compatible with iOS devices


Honk not only comes with a funny name, but it also makes car tracking an easy task. However, it is different compared to other apps, as it is most ideal for parking meters, not parking lots. Despite this, it comes with plenty of features that will help you find your car in no time!

Honk keeps track of your location using GPS technology when you set the meter alarm. If the GPS accuracy is not so great, you can also move the parking pin around. 

If this is still not enough to help you remember where you parked, you can also attach a photo, memo, or voice memo to this pin and display the time on the parking meter. 

Honk is a straightforward app that makes tracking your car easy. When the time runs out, the app shows you a digital compass that indicates where your car is. Honk is a free app compatible with iOS

Car Finder AR

For Android devices, Car Finder AR might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. It combines 3D Google Maps with augmented reality and radar in order to help you track your car. The good part is that this is nowhere near everything it can do. 

Car Finder AR saves your location when you turn off your vehicle, and it does so automatically. Furthermore, it also provides some help in the case of theft by offering you a recovery mode. 

The navigation features are another outstanding benefit of this app. The exciting display shows your car using augmented reality. When your phone is pointed towards the car, you will see a green arrow on the screen that shows the exact location of your car. 

The app also offers walking directions if you are not a fan of compass arrows. On top of this, the app has three car tracking screens, and you can choose between them as you wish. 

Other highlights of the Car Finder AR include a parking timer, location history, a notetaking app, and a parking meter alarm. Lastly, the app allows you to send an instant email or message with the location of your car. 

All in all, Car Finder AR is the best app you could use if you have an Android device. It combines the latest technology with a simple user interface in order to optimize your experience and find your car in no time!


Losing your car in a busy parking lot should now be a thing of the past. With these great apps for iOS and Android devices, you should be able to track down your car immediately instead of looking for your car and walking around endlessly. Make sure you give them a try next time you go shopping!