The Best Movies That Feature Greek Gods

Even if you are not a fan of movies, during this pandemic, you must have been forced to watch quite a number of them. I mean there was not much to do. 

If you love movies, or better still, Greek mythology, there are quite a number of movies you might find interesting. You just have to know what themes challenge or interest you.

Learn about Greek history, how ancient Greeks worshiped, and their general way of life through these movies. Read on to learn more about them.

The Best Movies That Feature Greek Gods
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It is the most character-driven and convincing demonstration of a Greek myth, which still offers slick action sequences. It is one movie which allows audiences to invest in the cast of characters, and it feels like every battle is earned. 

The heightened sense of honor and romance are driven by a convincing approach. Even things, such as destiny, and philosophy are raised in dialogue which is both intimate and grandiose.

Created in 2004, this movie tells about the Trojan war which occurred around 1200 BCE in Anatolia, modern-day Turkey. The movie tells the story as detailed in the Greek epic poem, the Iliad by Homer. 

Have you heard about the tales of Achilles, the greatest of all Greek heroes? This movie details all that and other Greeks that faced the Trojans. It took ten years to recapture the beautiful and illustrious Helen. 


The plot of this movie is simple and set at Thermopylae. However, it is considered among the most famous wars recorded. It’s an underdog story which presents a compelling, machismo culture. Despite the Spartans’ genuine sympathy and love, their customs are so mighty and brutal. 

There is strong fatherhood, brotherhood and marital passion. While some people believe this war tale is exaggerated, it is the most entertaining and raw execution.

Xerxes, King Darius’ son led the Persian army through Greece to Thermopylae to prevent Leonidas’ Greeks that included 300 Spartans from passing through Thermopylae. 

Leonidas established his army at Thermopylae to easily attack Persians. Leonidas was considered a hero and a shrine was built in his honor. It was made in 2006 and features Gerard Butler (King Leonidas) and Persian God-king Rodrigo Santoro (Xerxes).

Jason And The Argonauts

The Best Movies That Feature Greek Gods
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A young man, Jason sets out in search of the magical Golden Fleece. He sets on a journey with Greece’s best warriors and on the way fight a skeleton army, harpies, and a hydra. 

It is a typical story of vengeance and betrayal and like many other Greek Myths, it has a tragic ending. Jason’s mother takes him to Cheiron to grow from there so that Pelias doesn’t kill him too. 

When he turns 20, he starts to fight Pelias so that he repossesses his throne. When he reaches a neighboring river, Hera (the queen of gods) approaches him masquerading as an old woman. When he carries her across the river he loses a sandal and appears in court wearing one sandal.

This fulfills an oracle which prophesied about a man with one sandal who will seize his throne. It makes Pelias nervous because he sees that his throne is drifting away. The prophecy is right there before his eyes. The gods in this movie are Hera, Zeus, and Helios, among others. It was made in 1963.


There are several movies that talk about Greek mythology. If you know the history of the Ancient Greeks, their way of life, how they worshiped and the various wars they participated in to win territories. 

These movies include Troy, 300, and Jason and the Argonauts, among others. Brace yourself for action, violence and entertainment all in one place.