The Top 5 Greek Mythological Heroes

Are you a fan of mythologies? Do you want to find out more about the stories of old? Myths provide you with a view into how life was lived in a specific era; it is up to you decide what you want to believe or not.

Greek mythology is one of the greatest mythologies in history. Just like other mythologies, it shows you the most significant deities of that time, how they interacted with other people, who they married, who their children were, and who worshipped them.

Greek mythology came into existence over 2000 years ago, yet it still influences us today. Let us talk about the most famous Greek Heroes in the below article.

The Top 5 Greek Mythological Heroes
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Achilles was a formidable warrior who according to legend, possesses uncontrollable and fierce anger. He was a son of Thetis and Peleus. According to legend Achilles’s mother dipped him into River Styx as an infant, which made him invulnerable except at the heel by which her mother held on to him. 

It is said that his mother disguised and hid him among women at King Lycomodes of Skyros’ court to protect him from the threat of death. Odysseus found him here and persuaded him to go to Troy. Achilles became a great hero by fighting in the Greek’s Trojan war for ten years. In the end, Paris, son of the Trojan king fatally wounded Achilles in the heel. To date, the tendon that connects the heel bone to the calf muscles is called the Achilles tendon.


Hercules was the son of a mortal woman Alcmene and an ancient deity, Zeus. Hercules was famous for his mighty muscles, and he appears in many ancient Greek stories as one of the heroes. He is considered as one of the most renowned Mythology’s heroes.  In Greek, he is called Herakles, which is similar to Samson, the strong biblical man.

He performed several legendary feats of strength starting as an infant when he strangled two serpents that were put into his crib by Hera. When he grew up, Hera finally got her revenge by driving him to insanity after killing his wife and kids. As repentance, he performed 12 famous tasks that included killing the Hydra, Cleaning the Augeas stables and Capturing Cerberus, the dog.


Perseus was a son of Danae and Zeus. He completed several dangerous achievements using his quick thinking and talents as a warrior. One of the dangerous feats is slaying Gorgon Medusa who was feared because it was believed that merely looking at her would turn you into stone. 

Perseus was able to behead her by using her reflection in a mirror after which he kept her head in his satchel. Later, when he found princess Andromeda tied ready to be eaten by a sea monster, Perseus pulled Medusa’s head out of his satchel, and the sea creature was immediately turned into stone, thereby saving Andromeda.


Jason was the leader of Argonauts. Argonauts are the 50 heroes that sailed in search of the Golden Fleece.  Pelia, Jason’s uncle, stole the kingdom that was supposed to belong to Jason. He promised to return it on the condition that Jason brought home the Golden Fleece (the magical wool from the winged ram which turned into constellation Aries). 

Jason, together with his 50 heroes or so-called Argonauts, went on the search for the Golden Fleece and faced several dangers of the water posed, such as singing sirens. Medea, a sorcerer, helped them capture the fleece and she later became Jason’s wife.

The Top 5 Greek Mythological Heroes
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He was a celebrated warrior and king of Ithaca that helped the Greeks win the Trojan War. After winning the war, Odysseus travelled for almost ten years to return to his Ithaca kingdom and his wife, Penelope. On his way home, he encountered several monsters like the Sirens, Scylla, Charybdis and Cyclops Polyphemus. Using his cleverness, courage and warrior tactics, he overcame these monsters returning to his wife and home country. 

Last Remarks

There are several Greek heroes that performed heroic achievements that are worth talking about. Most of them saved their people from great monsters or recovered lost/ stolen items like the Golden Fleece. Most of these were brave and strong warriors that won multiple battles.