For the believers of the supernatural, here is another post of lesser-known beings known as blurrs. While a good number of mythical creatures have “a long past” involving different variations of relevant myths and urban legends, we cannot say the same for blurrs.

(Note: The word blurr is used to define something else other than these legendary creatures. Blurrs are also autobots in the popular Transformers franchise. To avoid confusion, that will also be explained shortly at the end of the post.)

Blurrs are mythical creatures believed to look like human beings with a very fuzzy and vague appearance. Although they do look like humans, whether or not they had/can have a human form is up for debate just like other details regarding the myth.

Very limited resources regarding blurrs and blurr sightings suggest that these creatures might be seen wandering around in the woods or roads passing by these woodlands although one might randomly encounter them out on the street, too.

According to the urban legend, they do have the ability to give a person blurry vision by means of emitting some sounds on a particular  frequency and this is the reason they look blurry to the observer.

Another version of the myth suggests that the reason these creatures look blurry is because they are shapeshifters of a kind and this blurry state of being is when they are actually changing from some form into another.

There is not much known (or speculated) about blurrs so it is not known whether or not these creatures are evil. Although they are not seen in crowded places, blurrs are mostly confused with other kind of spirits or ghosts.

Blurrs of Transformers

Blurr is the name given to fastest autobots in the popular Transformers franchise. There are five different characters named Blurr in the universe of Transformers some of which also appeared in Marvel Comics.

The reason these autobots are called blurrs is because they could break the sound barrier and travelling at ultra high speed, they left afterimages and  dust clouds behind them.