Free WiFi – Learn How to Find Free Apps to Download

The internet has become almost essential for each of us. We want to be permanently connected with our friends, to find out the latest news or to enjoy all the facilities of social media apps.

Our mobile phones offer us this opportunity for a cost, and sometimes the connection is quite weak, too. 

If you are tired of the poor connection and high prices for 3G / 4G, the perfect solution is free Wi-Fi hotspots. Here are some of the Wi-Fi apps to stay connected


Avast Wi-Fi finder helps you view the map with all the free Wi-Fi in your area. It is enough to click on one of them, and you will find all the necessary information.

This app offers you the possibility to choose if you want to connect automatically or manually to the network when you are near it. You can also set whether you want to receive notifications or not.

Users of this application can help each other. Once you have entered the password and connected to one of the free networks, the others can connect directly, without being asked for the password.

A fascinating thing about this application is that you can find out which one of the connections is the fastest. Each network is evaluated by Avast Wi-Fi finder in terms of privacy and security. Last but not least, you can save hotspot connections even if you are offline, which can be useful if you are traveling.

If you don’t mind the ads, you can download this app for free.


Some of the great features of WiFi Map include the following.

  • You get any information you need about each connection (name, address, etc.)
  • Each available Wi-Fi displays the updated password
  • It has complete map navigation, and you can easily find the connection
  • You can test the speed of each connection
  • Connects to the fastest Wi-Fi
  • You are protected from any possible intruder through Wi-Fi network scan
  • If you are a tourist and do not have internet, you can use the offline map
  • If you want to surf anonymously, you can use the VPN provided

It has an easy-to-use interactive map that will show you the distance at which you can find the available connection. No matter what area of the continent you are in, the Wi-Fi map works perfectly. Whether you are shopping or in a cafe, you will not need to enter your password every time.

You don’t have to have the internet on when you want to find an available connection because it also works in offline mode. Create a free account and tell others the hotspots you have found, this way, you can help the community grow.

You can even register using your Facebook account. You can keep passwords up to date, making it easier for other users to use.

You can download it for free. If you don’t want to see ads, you can pay $1.99 with no ads. For premium perks, Pro users pay $5.99 or an annual fee of $29.99.


This is another application that will help you find an available hotspot. Wiman, as it is nicknamed by its creators and users, has over 60 million possible connections in its database. You can enjoy a very useful interface and benefit from all the facilities you might need, with a large community of users. 

You can navigate offline on their interactive map, and you can test the speed of each connection.

A very interesting aspect of this application is that you can help everyone in the community to access the internet. For example, if you have a business where you have Wi-Fi internet, you can make your location known and that you offer internet.

You can choose your favorite or priority connection depending on your needs, and, in this way, you will connect to the desired network, even if there are many other connections around you. You can download it for free, but it is ad-supported. 


The world is continually evolving, and the internet has become necessary for each of us. We need information at every step, or we feel the need to share with others what we already know. 

To improve our online experience and make our lives easier, we need an application like the ones presented above, especially as the number of hotspots increases each day.