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Symbols and meanings section of Mythologian.Net was created to serve as a symbolism dictionary describing the historical transformation and different uses of various symbols since the early ages. Dedicated to symbols in different cultures throughout the world, this part of our site will feature detailed articles about ancient Egyptian symbols, Norse, Celtic, pagan and wiccan symbols along with many others used in far corners of the earth. From significant symbols like the ankh, the symbol of life, ouroboros the infinity symbol (“snake eating its tail”) and the lotus flower to less common ones like Aegishjalmur, the helm of awe and terror, all symbols and their meanings are examined and explained here in detail.

Celtic Symbols and Their Meanings

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Ruling over a big part of Europe during the Iron Age and the Medieval Period, the Celtic people surely played a big role in shaping the structure of the continent. From their ethical codes, artworks, jewelry, building techniques, blacksmithing, farming and diplomacy skills [...]

Egyptian Symbols and Their Meanings

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Filled with many mysteries and a great deal of spirituality, the mythology and culture of ancient Egyptians are surely an important part of the history of civilization. Admittedly only to a limited extent, today we are able to comprehend the hieroglyphs depicting the [...]

Ankh, Egyptian Symbol of Life and Immortality and Its Meaning

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Shaped as a cross with a circle/loop for the top part, the ankh is the most commonly used symbol among the ancient Egyptian symbols. Many Egyptian gods, Isis in particular, were depicted holding the ankh in numerous inscriptions. Also known [...]

Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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With its presence dating back to 145.5 million years ago, the lotus flower is one of the most commonly used symbols throughout the history. It has been a significant symbol for several religions and cultures, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism. Rebirth [...]

Ouroboros, The Infinity Symbol

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Etymology of Ouroboros, the Infinity Symbol The term ouroboros is derived from two words in ancient Greek language. The first word is "oura" which means "tail" and the second is "boros" which means "eating". Combined, these two words give the meaning "he [...]