The Most Famous Zeus Myths

The Ancient Greek god of lightning, thunder and sky is Zeus. He is also regarded as the god of all gods and he is also the chief figure in Greek … Read more

What is a Chimera?

chimera mythology

Chimera (Chimaera or Khimaira) is a mythical creature which is believed to be formed of three different animals; a lioness, a goat and a snake. Chimera’s head was that of … Read more

The Furies (Erinyes)

furies, erinyes greek mythology

The Furies are the three chthonic female deities of vengeance in Greek mythology. They are also called Erinyes (Erinys) which means “the avengers” in Greek language. The counterpart of the Furies … Read more

Arachne, the First Spider

arachne mythology pics

Arachne is a figure in Greek mythology known for her challenge against the goddess Athena. According to the myth, she was the first spider of the world who was originally … Read more